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Around the League Week 3

By christo_the_hawk

HAPPY PRIDE and happy week 3 of hockey! The day was hot and the hockey was good.

The Dojo, despite dealing with some copyright infringement from the real Cobra Kai franchise, edged the Biters 2-1. LJ says no comment on the pending Netflix lawsuit and it is most definitely Russ’ fault.

Sky Fighters beat Riots 9-3 and I can finally use the below tried and true BTSH meme. Also captain Emily (who notched 2 goals herself) said, “We wanted to score a lot so we’d get better write ups.”


Newcomer Blake scored the GWG for Filthy to take down the Knife Pigs 2-1 after a tight game.

Poutine barely held onto their lead over Mega and won 3-2 thanks to the power trifecta of Jo, Mikey, and Sully.

Hookers used a brand-new-to-street-hockey goalie who was a former ice hockey goalie and Fuzz took advantage, winning 8-1 or “a lot to a little” as an anonymous Hooker informed me.

A back and forth game between Karma and the Rainbows, a sick diving goal from Sarah that started it all, and Karma coming out on top 5-4.

WTP struck early and often, and were up 3-0 but Roberts and the Lbs came from behind in typical fashion tying it up and sending into overtime. OT went to shootouts and Annie who so viciously scored the game winner for the Lbs in their shootout against Fuzz in week 1 returned the favor this time. Oh how the turn tables.

Alexa, play “Sweet Victory” from the Bubble Bowl episode of Spongebob

Colby Kills took down the Rehabs 5-3. Jack had quite the performance in goal for FK and Campbell was in net for the ‘habs. As yet another anonymous source said to me, “I’ll be making an anonymous call into the government to check green cards on the FK Canadians. They’re very good.”

Don’t quit your day job, Tadpole

And finally, what better way to close out the day with a Demons win (said no one ever- jk please don’t be mad at me again, Rubens). Math Rot had a strong performance but was no match for the Russian Rage that is Gene who netted the OT goal, 4-3.

See you all in 2 weeks!

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