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Hall of Fame Inductee: Sarah Herr Hicks

by Glnzr

Sarah Herr. The Herr sisters burst on the scene just a few years ago so Sarah’s induction is noteworthy. No one outside of some of the early entries played in so few seasons…and one of those seasons she barely played because of Herr bionic leg. In order to get past this, we’ve given Herr Cheeky’s years of service, so Cheeky now has zero service time, but is eligible for the 2022 female ROY. (I mean everyone is basically eligible since Jess/Matt often give the female ROY award to league vets)

But I digress. There are fewer people more deserving than Sarah. With the worldwide pandemic started by someone in BTSH ( it’s only right one of us ended it…or at least curtailed it enough so we can play hockey. Hicks once said, “None of you know how much Sarah did to keep this league afloat. Hold on, I have to do my pre-workout, and take a dabbing vid and send to Derk.”

In all seriousness, in February she told Hicks, “We need to bring this back.” She took initiative to email captains, set up meetings, etc – she sent all of the weekly emails for 3 seasons. The only time it wasn’t sent was when she was out of town and trusted Hicks to send and of course he didn’t. Sarah did a ton of other work around printing scoresheets, ordering supplies, monitoring the bins for what we needed etc. The only things she couldn’t do were write a schedule and bench press 225 pounds, but that’s why she married below her market value, bc Hicks can do both.

So congrats Sarah and thank you for all you did to keep this league alive. As the cops say, “Your tour is done. Pawn it off to Russ or some other schmuck now.”

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