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Open League Positions


The contents of this page are subject to change to meet the needs of the league. See also: https://www.btsh.org/bruise/opportunities-in-btsh/


  • Ensure games are played according to the Rules & promote player safety.
  • Ensure games start on time.
  • After a game, ensure that the game sheet, including any player write-ups, are provided directly to the Ref Manager and League Manager before putting sheet in ref binder (ex. send a pic of the sheet to Ref/League Manager or other method agreed to by Ref Manager).
  • Also, you get to blow a whistle!
  • Paid position.
  • NOTE: If you’re interested in being a ref, email the Ref Manager, Sam N., at Sam@btsh.org & the Ref Scheduler, Alexa T., at alexa@btsh.org.

Game Day Opener/Closer

  • This is the point person who will assist with game day issues that arise.
  • Arrives early/stays late to help the designated team fulfill their duty to open/close the courts (informs League Manager if a team isn’t fulfilling this duty).
  • Helps BTSH Members address issues that arise on game days, including equipment needs (balls), access to first aid kit, scheduling questions, access to permits, etc.
  • Ensures refs are available and helps find a substitute ref, if needed.
  • Communicates any equipment or supply issues to League Manager.
  • Covers shift for either the first or second half of BTSH games (roughly 3 to 3.5 hours). Opener/Closer may sign up to take one or both shifts in a given week. The League Manager may fulfill this role in a given week and get paid to do so.
  • ~$40/shift (to be confirmed)
  • NOTE: If you’re interested in opening /closing, email the BTSH League Managers, Brian H. & Sarah H., at commissioner@btsh.org

Media Writers

  • Write standard articles such as Three Stars and weekly Previews.
  • Collaborate on creative articles with other media writers.
  • Submit articles to Media Manager in a timely fashion.
  • Adhere to the media content policy.
  • NOTE: If you’re interested in being a media writer then reach to Isaac on the sidelines.

Rules Committee

  • The purpose of the Rules Committee is to review existing BTSH playing rules (“Rules”) and propose revisions.
  • The Rules Committee is formed annually at the End-of-Season Meeting.
  • Rule revisions should be presented to Captains at New Season Meeting, with the Rules amended by the start of the season, as set forth below in “Playing Rule Changes”).
  • The Ref Manager shall be a member of this committee.

Community Outreach Committee (A.K.A. League Darlings)

  • This committee ensures that BTSH is giving back to the community (not only is this the right thing to do & part of our BTSH credo, but we need to keep our good standing in the community so we keep the privilege of using T.S. Park.)
  • Stay informed of what’s going on in the neighborhood (liaise with the Community Board, Police Precinct, attend community meetings, etc.). Ensure that the neighborhood knows what’s going on with BTSH; promote a positive image of BTSH.
  • Identify ways for BTSH Members to give back to the community: participate in beautify the park volunteer days, organize a charity event, organize free youth street hockey clinics, etc.
  • NOTE: If you’re interested in joining this committee, please email suz at spasquantonio at gmail

Social Committee

  • The purpose of the Social Committee is to organize official BTSH social events, including opportunities for BTSH Members to gather after the games.
  • Ensure that expenses are outlined and provided to the Board Treasurer for payments and reimbursements.
  • A teaser of the fun to come: Opening Season Party, Olympics, Prom, All-Star Game, End of Season party.
  • NOTE: If you’re interested in joining the Social Committee, please email btsh.social@gmail.com.
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