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Week 8 Boxscores ’24

Cobra Kai 6-1 What the Puck Final Cobra Kai: Russell Hamilton (1), Free Agent, Tom Mcguire (6), Mike Yetter x 2 (5), Olivier Brassard (2)What the Puck: Charlie Hood (1)Goalie Win: Campbell Weaver (3) Sky Fighters 3-2 Gremlins Final Sky Fighters: Ellie Mahoney x 2 (7), Dan Hopper (3)Gremlins: David Collins x 2 (7)Goalie Win: […]

Top 10 League Leaders

Female Scoring Leaders Rank Player Team Total Goals Games Attended Goals Per Game 1 Brita Loeb Cobra Kai 5 4 1.25 1 Sarah Moore Gouging Anklebiters 5 5 1.00 1 Emma Griese Sky Fighters 5 3 1.67 1 Ellie Mahoney Sky Fighters 5 7 0.71 5 Liz Caporale Corlears Hookers 4 6 0.67 5 Emma […]

Week 7 Boxscores 06.09.24

What the Puck 2-4 Denim Demons Final What the Puck: Rebekah French (2), Schuyler “Sky” Bento (1) Denim Demons: Not Registered x 3, Alex Rasla (3) Goalie Win: Chris Caron (via Free Agent) Instant Karma 1-6 Cobra Kai Final Instant Karma: Alexander Vukasin (7) Cobra Kai: Brita Loeb (5), Michael Teytelbaum (1), Liam Martens (3), […]

Week 1 Recap!

The 8 things EVERYONE is talking in BTSH is talking about after week 1: 1.      Since Ole Rusty, who everyone is saying was the most successful, best looking, and Loved Commissioner in league history has stepped down, Shootings in Tompkins square park have gone up 200% and Earthquakes are up 100%. Some are asking if Abysmal […]

2023 BTSH Media Awards

Bonus content alert!! Ahead of the semi-finals and finals previews, here’s a little something to wet your whistle (lil’ ref pun for ya). Please note this is a very unserious award ceremony that almost didn’t happen but thanks to Amanda, Russ, and the rest of the retired BTSH media: Cat, Mia, Jerome, Walker, Rich, Russo, […]

Round of 8

Before we get into it, as someone who watched almost all the games last week this needs to be said: please don’t be an asshole. Nobody is a professional ref and you look like a whiny little baby at best and a huge douchelord at worst when you yell at someone who is a player […]

Round of 16

Here we go, folks. Time for the rubber to hit the road. 16 teams enter, 1 team leaves (well, technically we all leave to go to home but you get the point). Let’s dive in! 1) Vertz vs 16) Gremlins  Jess: I’m just gonna leave Walker’s favorite meme here… Russo: I’ll recuse myself from this […]

BTSH Play-Ins 2023

By: Jess, Russo, & Glnzr We’re back BTSHers. After an extended time away, your beloved preview writers are back from rehab their year-long break. What’d we miss?  Let’s give the ol’ typing knuckles a crack and dive in to some delectable play-in games this Sunday 13) WTP vs 20) Bad Seeds Jess: WTP has had […]

Week 7 – 3 Stars

It’s been a while since the last three stars, but after Sunday, there were so many worthy candidates to choose from. let’s begin… Honorable Mention while worthy, this did not crack the top 3… Larry from Mega Touch on his assist. Normally assists don’t merit a star, but Larry’s been around forever, and sometimes we […]

Mother’s Day Template

So Mother’s Day is coming up so just use this template to call somebody special because we actually have a little time off to spend if you can. Some of yous may be playing some more hockey and drinkin’ and that’s ok. But take a little time and call or message one of the new […]