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Week 3 Previews

by various media members Gremlins v Rainbows Hornswoggle: If Erich captains the team, first thing he’ll do is rename it “Grahamlins”. Sorry, Jess, I got the team in dijon mustard snagging two points. I’ll be glad if you prove me wrong. Hicks: Having just played the bows this past Sunday, I can say that is […]

3 Stars of Week 2

by cat Rise and shine BTSH campers! Hope everyone enjoyed a summery Sunday, with an honorable mention to Hicks for best dressed, the man knows how to dress for the weather (kicking off my first Stars write-up the way I want, with an HM in my second sentence). Hicks: Please share buylinks in the comments, […]

Week 2 Previews

by cat, glnzr, hicks, alex, steven, russo, jess, hornswoggle, cage Alrightyyy we’ve got a new way of doing previews this year where a handful of media members give their thoughts. Everyone was incredibly eager this week so what you see below is a clusterf*ck of media opinions; in the coming weeks it should be a […]

Week 1 Not 3 Stars

By Glnzr BTSHers, The Media realizes if we’re going to celebrate the 3 Stars of the Week, we really should be fair and bash the 3 players/teams that shamed themselves, their family, this league, and their country. If you get a Not Star please don’t take it the wrong way. This is meant to damage […]

Week 1 Previews ’22

by cristo_the_hawk and Dingle McCringle Hello sports fans!!! Welcome to week 1 previews with myself and Dingle. We’ve got an exciting roster of new media writers so expect fun, silly, and sometimes serious hockey previews. As always please direct any grievances about our totally made up media for a totally intramural hockey league to our […]

Season’s Greetings

by cristo_the_hawk and Dingle McCringle If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new BTSH regime in charge. Russ and Nico are taking the reins from The Meatbox™ and Madame Commisionherr as heads of the league, and there will be sweeping changes across the board.  We, your devoted, faithful, and amazingly good-looking media team have been […]

2022 Registration and FA Scrimmage

BTSH is back, baby! To clear up any confusion, check out the below links to do one (or both) of the following: FREE AGENT REGISTRATION – for the folks who haven’t landed a team yet. sign up to be on the FA list and teams can see your info and invite you to sub (or […]

Hall of Fame Inductee: Ariel

By Glnzr If you google “Most Successful BTSH Career Ever” undoubtedly, a picture of our last 2021 BTSH HOFer will appear.  Ugh, it’s some douchebag named Nathan Hodel who used to play for the Arizona Cardinals.  Anyways, the person I was referring to is none other than Ariel.  The point is I’m not sure anyone has […]

Hall of Fame Inductee: Diane

by Glnzr 2008 was a magical season for BTSH. It’s when the Modern Era began (2008-2015) and The Previous Era Before the Modern Era ended. But perhaps most importantly, it’s when Diane J. (and the Happy Little Elves) joined the league. After losing to the Elves in Game 1 (I swear this will be the […]

Hall of Fame Inductees: Eric Ramirez

by Glnzr No one in BTSH history has had a day like Eric Ramirez did on September 27, 2015. We’ll get to that.  Prior to that day, Eric had a fine career. He made his BTSH debut with the Mighty Squirrels as a “skater” in 2009. He was so awful, the Squirrels decided they couldn’t […]