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Week 11 Previews

Cobra Kai v Fresh Kills Dingle: Well ladies and gentlemen, we’re back at it after a riveting All-Star weekend full of degenerate behavior and light beer. Hope the hangovers have all subsided.  We’ve got a D1 rematch right off the bat on Sunday. FK and Cobra Kai played in Week 4, and FK pulled off […]

Week 10 Previews

Butchers v Poutine Dingle: And so the era of a Sully-less Poutine begins. After one of our brilliant media writers nearly predicted the exact outcome of last week’s game, where do we go from here? Butchers are the last team still looking for Win #1 on the year, and Poutine top the BTSH standings with […]

2022 Power Rankings

by Glnzr, Meatbox, Arya Stark, & Jess Jess: Alright folks it’s officially halfway through the season and The Media is giving the people what they want: Mid Season Power Rankings by everyone’s favorite consortium of media men!!!! Glnzr: Before we get started, I invited Jess because I feel we need a women’s touch, and also […]

3 Stars and 3 Not Stars of Week 7

by Jess (sorry) Cat and Rich are once again out and I’m trying to fill their shoes to no avail. I’ll try to make up for it by including everyone’s favorite, NOT STARS.  Third Star: Phil (WTP) “Hot Phil”, as his team referred to him, scored a hat trick which in itself is impressive but […]

Fare-Thee-Well Meg & Sully

By Friends of Meg & Sully As many of you already know, this Sunday will feature Sully (aka BSA) and Meg’s (aka The Meguum) last BTSH games. While it’s always sad saying goodbye to two friends, teammates, and captains (in this league and beyond), Sully and Meg, it’s been an absolute ride hanging with you […]

Week 7 Previews

Filthier v Cobra Kai Jim Apple: Has Russ let himself go since becoming a married man?? Cobra Kai has been struggling since the wedding and a devastating week 6 loss has many critics wondering if we are witnessing the downfall of the Dojo. Filthier beat the Vertz earlier this year so through the transitive property, […]

3 Stars of Week 6

by Glnzr It was a wonderful week for 10 teams in BTSH, and a miserable week for the other 10. So to the Butchers, WTP (yikes guys), Agents, Ariel and Fresh Kills,  Gremmies, Bad Seeds, Sky Fighters, Anklebiters (Another yikes), and Hookers, you’ll find no salvation here. May the lord have mercy on your collective […]

Week 6 Previews (Take 2)

With Media participation a bit light this week—let’s blame it on 4th of July hangovers, and not writing fatigue (it’s only Week 6, guys!!)—may I present a half-version of Which Nautical Creature Are You? Demons v Butchers Based on the Demons’ reputation, the only fitting sea creature would be the dolphin. Sure, the dolphin may […]

3 Stars of the Week

By Glnzr This week’s Three Stars of the Week: Third Star*** Louis Fresh Kills Out of all the new FK guys, Louis is by far my favorite. Props to him on getting engaged but even more props to him for helping FK hand the Vertz yet another 1 run loss. (Though who knows if he […]

Week 6 Previews

by various media members Fuzz v Lbs Glnzr: Frey we are trendsetters! We didn’t play on a perfectly fine day so now no one did.I never use this word, but Heroes! Alex: I just want two things down for the record: a) we had a full lineup ready to go that day minus Zisser and […]