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Week 6 Previews

by various media members Fuzz v Lbs Glnzr: Frey we are trendsetters! We didn’t play on a perfectly fine day so now no one did.I never use this word, but Heroes! Alex: I just want two things down for the record: a) we had a full lineup ready to go that day minus Zisser and […]

Name That BTSH Baby pt 2

by cristo_the_hawk More #surprisecontent ahead of father’s day weekend. Thanks to everyone who participated (and those whose partners sent their photos in possibly against their will)! Answers are at the bottom. Team: Riots 2. Team: LBS 3. Team: WTP 4. Team: WTP 5. Team: Sky Fighters 6. Team: Fresh Kills 7 & 8. Team(s): Vertz, […]

Week 5 Previews

Anklebiters v Lbs Glnzr: Are the Lbs. even going to play?? Can you believe what THEY did?!?!? Dingle: Good thing the Rangers play on Saturday this week*. The Rain Gods have been merciful so far, but canceling a game on a beautiful day like last Sunday all but guarantees future smiting. Anyway, this game is […]

3 Stars and 3 Not Stars of Week 4

by cristo_the_hawk Cat and Glnzr were both out this weekend so here’s my pitiful attempt to fill their shoes!  Three Stars Third Star: Liz Tremble for a ‘dirty dangle’ goal in Karma’s victory over Filthier Second Star: Amit had 2 goals on the day to lead the Demons to victory but had an especially sick […]

Week 4 Previews

By Various Media Members Here we go again! Another action-packed Sunday of hockey shenanigans. Will there be The Return of the Funnel? Will anybody propose? Will anyone come to the courts looking swole? Hell if we know. But we’ve got some fun matchup notes for ya… Karma v Filthier Jess: Hoo boy don’t we all […]

Guess Who: Hockey Baby Edition

by cristo_the_hawk In the spirit of #content, we are bringing the blacktop denizens a MDW/post mother’s day/pre father’s day themed article. Prepare yourselves for mostly cute and some cringe-worthy baby pics of your fellow BTSHers! Try to guess who’s who—we’ll have an answer key down below but we’ll give you a hint to which team […]

3 Stars of Week 3

by Russ We (your media overlords) gave Glnzr off for his birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH) and unfortunately commissioner Russ decided to fill in for writing stars this week. Third Star – Ben Chadwick Ben scored all of the goals for both teams in the Mega vs. Butchers game. Just like Lou Williams, whose shoes […]

Week 3 Previews

by various media members Gremlins v Rainbows Hornswoggle: If Erich captains the team, first thing he’ll do is rename it “Grahamlins”. Sorry, Jess, I got the team in dijon mustard snagging two points. I’ll be glad if you prove me wrong. Hicks: Having just played the bows this past Sunday, I can say that is […]

3 Stars of Week 2

by cat Rise and shine BTSH campers! Hope everyone enjoyed a summery Sunday, with an honorable mention to Hicks for best dressed, the man knows how to dress for the weather (kicking off my first Stars write-up the way I want, with an HM in my second sentence). Hicks: Please share buylinks in the comments, […]

Week 2 Previews

by cat, glnzr, hicks, alex, steven, russo, jess, hornswoggle, cage Alrightyyy we’ve got a new way of doing previews this year where a handful of media members give their thoughts. Everyone was incredibly eager this week so what you see below is a clusterf*ck of media opinions; in the coming weeks it should be a […]