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The Dads of BTSH

By christo_the_hawk and Dingle McCringle Who are some of the dads we’ve managed to con nicely ask to participate? We’ve got Olivier and Will from Cobra Kai, Iannis from Gremlins, Gil and Walsh from Fuzz, Gabe from Fresh Kills, Justin from Math, Sean from Rainbows and Ed from What the Puck. Keep reading if you […]

3 Stars of Week 2

by Cat I used to write 3 Stars on my phone on my morning commute to work – the subway is for inspiration, why else would @SubwayCreatures have over 2 million followers? I wasn’t sure I could muster this from the comfort of my own home. Which is why THIRD STAR goes to Karl’s train conductor On his […]

Around the League — Week 2 (Part I)

By Dingle McCringle Only a partial Sunday “Around the League” because a proper sacrifice wasn’t made to the Hockey Gods, so they brought us rain. The Colby Fresh Kills rolled Captain Hogg and WTP 6-2 in Game 1. Poutine spread around the scoring and beat Gremlins 4-2. Charlie made +/- 47 saves. Hookers hooked the […]

Week 2 Previews

By christo_the_hawk  Everyone’s favorite and totally not overdone, previews! WTP vs Fresh Kills Fresh Kills got their hineys handed to them last week by the dojo. Even though the Colby farm system has plenty of talent, WTP is a well-rostered machine that can’t be stopped. Also Henry is back from being on vacation so WTP’s […]

Meet The Rookies: Florida Kevin

By Dingle McCringle Now that our season is officially back, we can continue the wonderful tradition of hazing introducing our shiny, new rookies to the rest of the league. We kick off this year’s segment of “Meet the Rookies” with Florida Kevin, aka Kevin. I sat down (texted) with Florida Kevin and asked him some […]

3 Stars of The Week

by Glnzr Third Star MDF (Meredith) Butchers. In 2007, this punk rock kid went onto the org, saw the Battledome, messaged $h0wT!m3 and asked to play for the Rehabs. Hector said sure…and was pretty shocked when MegaDeath2097432 was a girl. While now former women college, pros and even Olympians litter BTSH, Meredith was first woman […]

Around The League

In true redemption arc fashion, after tying 2-2 in regulation and a scoreless overtime, Lbs beat Fuzz in a shootout with a goal from Joel. On the other side of the court, a heated Demons v Gremlins game saw some ejections (reminder to be nice to the refs, people) but the Gremlins came out on […]

Week 1 Previews (We’re back, baby!)

written by JW Well, none of us have any idea who the hell is left on what team, or who instead decided to move to Antarctica, but here we go… Denim Demons vs. Gremlins Ok, I do know that the Demons got a new goalie this season. I met him at the free agent scrimmage, […]

Meet The Teams: Pandemic Edition

By christo_the_hawk & Dingle McCringle Hey friends, it’s been a while. So as your new media overlords editors we wanted to re-introduce everyone to the teams in the league and maybe help some of the confused free agents out there who haven’t decided where they want to pledge allegiance to. Prepare yourself for tropes, stereotypes, […]

2021 Free Agent Scrimmages

The 2021 Free Agent Scrimmages will be held on Sunday, May 16th and Sunday May 23rd. Shirt Color: free agents need to wear a Red shirt. Location: Tompkins Square Park at the corner of 10th Street and Avenue A. (Enter the courts at 9th Street and Avenue A.) Time: 1 pm – 3 pm on […]