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Week 6 Previews

By Stoop Dogg Good afternoon BTSHers, it’s your friendly neighborhood DJ Stoop Dogg coming at you live from my studio apartment and thank heavens for that, because 100% of what I have just been googling would have been blocked on my work computer and 1000% would have been escalated to HR if anybody saw me […]

Ciao for Now Sena Bell

By 23 and Mia Alas, this is another send off for one of BTSH’s finest. And, much like the story of Ann and James, the tale of Sena Bell is one of LOVE. Though Sena was born in Tokyo and her entire family except for her mother still lives in Japan, Sena has lived in […]

You Got Iced Stars of Week 5

by Isaac That’s right we’ve got some bonus content for you this week. Feast your eyes on the series of photos that took place on the courts Sunday with commentary from Frey and a stars write up from Isaac. Frey: After getting iced at halftime of my game and immediately chugging it despite the fact […]

3 Stars of Week 5

by Glnzr I wanted to give the Three Stars to James, Ann and Sena…three BTSH greats playing their last games this Sunday (though everyone always comes back). Unfortunately, a historic performance, a classy gesture and a Mafia like strong arm tactic makes all 3 leave in tears, with at best a Participation Trophy. Scroll to […]

Around the League Week 5

Butchers beat Riots 3-2 The patriarchy won and fuzz beat rehabs 5-2 Lbs fell to karma 2-3 and “Derek didn’t score at all” – an anonymous female karma player An initially tight game opened up for FK who bested the biters 7-4 Dana had a hat trick that propelled the sky fighters to a 3-1 […]

Week 5 Previews

by Ash K Dingle’s 90’s themed around the league struck a chord of nostalgia so this week’s previews are all about the original 151 Pokemon.  Butchers vs Riots The Butchers are clearly Marowak. Adorable but deadly, just like Akhil! The Riots, true to their Tompkins heritage, will be the most hawk-like pokemon, Pidgeot. In a […]

A Filthy Goodbye

by Glnzr This Sunday, we say goodbye to two of our greatest people, Ann and James. James started BTSH in 2004, and probably is either first or second (next to Karstan) in goals in BTSH history. Suvin and James are probably the best pair to ever play in this league.  But after 17-years…we’ve said all […]

3 Stars of Week 4

by cat The problem with being BTSH’s favorite 3 stars writer is the burden. Like, ok, being better liked than Rich? Low bar. Being funnier? Also low bar. Being cuter and better at hockey than Rich? Ok now I’m just piling on. Writing these quickly enough so that Jess doesn’t yell at me? Nearly impossible! […]

Around the League Week 4

by Dingle McCringle No rain, no yelling at refs (mostly) and no shortage of late ’90s/early 2000’s pop music. Shoutout @matkastella Cobra Kai said No Scrubs allowed and beat the Hookers 3-1 (or 4-1). Few show-up to the 12:30 games to watch, so apologies for not having the exact score. No hat trick for Liam. […]

Don’t Be a Racist Dick

by 23 and Mia It was sickening to hear the hate speech “China Virus” used Week 3 on the West court. To think, one of our own doesn’t give a f*ck that propagating such phrases has proven, profound consequences and that it endangers people one might consider friends.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Asian […]