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PBR Semis & Finals + Schlitz Finals!

The last media article of the year!! With Finals upon us, we encourage everyone to come out and watch this Sunday at 2pm and then stick around for the BTSH Media Awards immediately after, which will be done right at the courts. And then, if you’re so inclined, go on down to Ace Bar for […]

Playoff Previews – “Elite” Eight

By Le Medía Well folks, we’re nearly at the end of the season and after Sunday, only four teams will remain. Who they’ll be is anyone’s guess, but your favorite band of misfit media members took a stab at predicting the outcomes. Enjoy! (or don’t—we’re pretty indifferent about it) Fresh Kills v Filthier Jess: Filthier […]

2022 BTSH Media Awards

It’s that time of year again!! The media team met last night to deliberate the winners of the incredibly prestigious BTSH awards categories. For those of you who are new here, we send a survey out to all the captains to nominate players that have stood out this season.The media then meets for dinner to […]

Playoffs Previews: Round of 16

by various media members Biters v Fuzz 23andMia: You cannot call out our beloved league without using the letters BTS, the same letters that identify the K-pop sensation who between 2014 and 2023, will have contributed $29.1 trillion to the South Korean economy, according to Forbes. Fuzz might be our BTS: a handpicked super group […]

Playoffs Previews: Play In Games

by cristo_the_hawk This is a weird week for play-in games. Many of these teams are finding themselves in the bottom 8 for the first time ever (HI VERTZ), and some of them are used to battling it out and then ultimately having fun in the Schlitz Cup.* *The Schlitz Cup is an historic tournament run […]

Week 17 Previews

The Weekly Previews, are in Haiku form because we have writer’s block. – Fresh Kills v Mega Fresh air gives us life In the megalopolis, and kills steel by touch. (FK wins 4-2) – Agents v Karma JW:  I don’t know how to write a haiku but I do know Karma will win. – Wine […]

Week 16 Previews

This week we told the writers f*ck it, NO CONTEXT hockey previews – write whatever pops into your mind about these teams. Some people rambled, some people wrote haikus, some people totally misunderstood the assignment – what will those crazy media kids say next? What the Puck v Lbs Where the hell is Phil? They […]

Week 15 Previews

Demons v Seeds Jess: Demons are chihuahuas don’t @ me. “Oh but Jess, why wouldn’t you pick something more intimidating?” Have you ever dealt with a chihuahua? That’s the original hell hound.  Bad Seeds are the Komondor. Look, I don’t make the rules. But this dog seems pretty laid back, been around for a while, […]

Week 14 Previews

Poutine v Sky Fighters Jess: This will be a fun one to watch. The Sky____Fighters are 3rd in the league with 16 points and Pou Crew is 1st with 18. I’m not expecting the Sky Fighters to go down without a fight but I’d be lying if I said I think they’ll win it. I […]

Week 13 Previews

By Christo and Dingle We (your Media Overlords) decided to give the media team a little recess until after Labor Day. So we’re throwing it back to when we used to do Previews in the format of ‘What [insert weird category] is your team’ in lieu of real hockey previews!!! Biters v Cobra Kai I’m […]