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Hall of Fame Inductee: Diane

by Glnzr 2008 was a magical season for BTSH. It’s when the Modern Era began (2008-2015) and The Previous Era Before the Modern Era ended. But perhaps most importantly, it’s when Diane J. (and the Happy Little Elves) joined the league. After losing to the Elves in Game 1 (I swear this will be the […]

Hall of Fame Inductees: Eric Ramirez

by Glnzr No one in BTSH history has had a day like Eric Ramirez did on September 27, 2015. We’ll get to that.  Prior to that day, Eric had a fine career. He made his BTSH debut with the Mighty Squirrels as a “skater” in 2009. He was so awful, the Squirrels decided they couldn’t […]

Hall of Fame Inductee: Sarah Herr Hicks

by Glnzr Sarah Herr. The Herr sisters burst on the scene just a few years ago so Sarah’s induction is noteworthy. No one outside of some of the early entries played in so few seasons…and one of those seasons she barely played because of Herr bionic leg. In order to get past this, we’ve given […]

Three Stars of Championship Weekend

Glanzer is doing HOF write ups so you are all getting robbed of his style of stars, if that’s something you’re into. There are really so many players who could be named today from all of the teams who competed but here we go. Third Star: Ryann and Sienna Thank god Rich isn’t doing these […]

2021 BTSH Awards: Nominees

It’s that time of year again folks. For us to place down the nominees and slowly…back away. To shed some light on the process: we send out an anonymous form to all the captains to submit who they think deserves a nomination (on their team or not); we select the nominees with the most mentions. […]

Playoffs Previews: Week 2

by Jess and Glnzr, feat. Dingle The next round of playoffs is here and we’ve got a spicy round of 8. Here are our brief thoughts and predictions and a friendly ask to take photos of game play (and send to the media) so I don’t have to keep using barely laughable memes. FK vs […]

Goodbye to Hicks & Herr

by christo_the_hawk If you’re like me, you were lucky enough to come into this league while it was being run by Brian and Sarah. If you’re old as hell like Rich, you’ve seen a lot of things in terms of league management. Some good, some bad, but none as hashtag efficient as this dynamic duo […]

3 Stars of Playoffs Week 1

By Glnzr The first round of playoffs is in the books and I’m ready to write some stars! Tune in to see if Mega gets one for their victory over the Demons! There may (but also may not) be 3 Non Stars though I’ll probably word it as 3 Heels to satisfy my WWE wrestling […]

Playoff Previews 2021

By Glnzr If you want “Which Type of Frog Your BTSH Team Is”, I have some bad news. You’re going to have to wait ‘til like week 3 of 2022 when Cat returns because the playoffs are here and it’s time to talk about hockey! (But in case you can’t wait, the Rainbows are the […]