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3 Stars of Playoffs Week 1

By Glnzr The first round of playoffs is in the books and I’m ready to write some stars! Tune in to see if Mega gets one for their victory over the Demons! There may (but also may not) be 3 Non Stars though I’ll probably word it as 3 Heels to satisfy my WWE wrestling […]

Playoff Previews 2021

By Glnzr If you want “Which Type of Frog Your BTSH Team Is”, I have some bad news. You’re going to have to wait ‘til like week 3 of 2022 when Cat returns because the playoffs are here and it’s time to talk about hockey! (But in case you can’t wait, the Rainbows are the […]

Week 12: Play-in Games

By Dingle McCringle Ooooo, it’s the best time of the year. Crisp fall air, the leaves changing colors, warm apple cider, and most importantly BTSH PLAYOFFS!!! But before the grand kit and kaboodle, there are three very meaningful games being played this Sunday to see who could do their best impression of the 2020 MTL […]

3 Stars of the Week

Written by JW Comprised of both the 3 on 3 tournament, and the All-Star game/skills competitions, this was a BTSH Sunday like no other. Many stars arose (and surprisingly zero Not Stars, at least that I saw/heard about, someone correct me if I’m wrong about that) but I had to whittle it down to only […]

Around the League: All Star Day Competitions

by Jess 3v3 Free Agent Team Pork Dumplings- or is it dumblings @jack- took home the Big Check in a come from behind (pause) victory after the Frey Sex team thought they were gonna big dick around the courts all day long. Hardest Shot Gabe: 94mph Cherie: 89mph HM for men under 5 ft 10″ […]

3 Stars of Week 11

by Glnzr Third Star: Mega Touch Julie basically sent me a team pic and ordered me to not only do the stars, but to make sure Mega gets one. Honestly, they deserve it. What a season. With a 7-3 record they finish in 5th place in the whole league. It’s a great accomplishment for a […]

Around the League Week 11

by christo_the_hawk Filthier tried to hold on to their 1 goal lead but the Lbs took it to OT and won with a goal from newly-minted teammate Sam. The Lbs kept their win streak alive with a 2-0 victory against the Hookers. Welcome back captain Sarah!!! The Biters demolished Filthier 9-2, solidifying their spot in […]

Week 11 Previews

by christo_the_hawk It’s been a long, shortened season but we finally made it. The last regular season games are being played this weekend! In honor of the last write ups of the year I’m going to finally do what I’ve asked everyone all season long…TWO SENTENCE PREVIEWS. Filthier vs Lbs We’re kicking things off nice […]

Hock-away Beach ’21

Did you know this weekend is the annual Hock-away Beach women’s tournament? Whether you’re a returning player or new to the NYC Women’s Ball Hockey movement, strap in and learn about the makings of this great tournament, coming to you live at Rockaway Beach this weekend 9/18. And if you haven’t signed up yet: you […]

3 Stars of Week 10

by Glnzr Sorry Cat, even though our beef is done, this isn’t the week to celebrate Tash and Natalya for playing the whole game for Mega. This was supposed to be the coming out party of D3. Instant Karma and Poutine Machine came into their matchups with the Rehabs and Lbs. ahead of them in the […]