Black Top Street Hockey


BTSH (blacktop street hockey) is a New York based sneaker hockey league formed in 2000. We are an inclusive, non-contact, league, with skill levels ranging from olympian, to β€œuh, what’s a hockey stick?” All are welcome.



League Formed

Before 9/11 and people who cannot legally drink were even born, a little group got together to form a hockey league in New York City.

Formation of Super Team Coorlears Hookers. Dark Rainbows beat Hookers in finals. Pork Fried Rice folds after playoff elimination. Sky Fighters win one game. MDF joins Rehabs and instantly become the best woman to ever play in the league.


Coorlears + Hookers ↗️ Pork Fried Rice β†˜οΈ

Formation of free agent team Happy Little Elves, captained by Ben Chadwick. Elves beat Tuques in franchise premier, lose every other game besides tie against Squirrels. Beginning of Modern Era. Last year at Coorlears and Moffo. Fresh Kills shock Hookers in finals. More BTSH HOFers on that team than any other. (Soko, Amy J., Dave GDR, Bob W. and 1-2 more possible)


Happiest Elves

Happy Little Elves

Sky Fighters go from 1 win to champions by beating WTP in finals. Mighty Squirrels disband after playoff loss. Elves played WTP in last game at Moffo. Stakes were high. WTP wins they get first, Elves win, they go .500 after 1-16-1 season. In what is described by some(one) as the Miracle at Moffo the Elves Rusev crush WTP 7 or 8 to 1. Demons bought Elves beer later.


Miracle at Moffo

Butchers, Riots and Poutine Machine debut. League goes from 18 to 20 teams. Late in season Tiffany joins Hookers, beginning the start of the women’s invasion. Gut Rot stuns WTP in at time biggest upset in BTSH history 6-5 in shootout. Butchers then stun Rehabs in OT. Hookers make incredible comeback vs. Filthy in overtime, as Tiffany scores the GWG. Elves and Butchers both stunningly make semis. Elves beat Hookers 3-1 in finals to win what all say is best championship of all time. Hookers lose 3rd final in 4 years.


Best Season Ever

After a few iterations with the NYC SeaHawks, Workman decides to take this league to a new level. Hockey Beach is a weekend in which we do this in Ocean City, Maryland for a trip away. Beach-TSH is born, Craig is indeed a father!


Hockey Beach is formed


The Capitals won the Stanley Cup, does anybody else remember what happened this year? I think Jess + Scotty started dating. BTSH Prom Returns?


Miracle Year

The City of New York Parks Department does not issue permits for this year and the seaon is cancelled.


COVID-19 Cancels!



We back

After a year hiatus due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are returning to play with safety guidelines in order. See you on the court.

Math/GutRot's merger is made official with the advent of the Bad Seeds. Rehabs fold with the birth of the Vertz. A FA squad rises from the ashes under the "Agents". Skyfighters rename to Sky Fighters.


Expansion Teams

AgentsVertzBad Seeds