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2022 BTSH Media Awards

It’s that time of year again!! The media team met last night to deliberate the winners of the incredibly prestigious BTSH awards categories. For those of you who are new here, we send a survey out to all the captains to nominate players that have stood out this season.The media then meets for dinner to deliberate those nominees, create new categories & nominate players the captains may have missed, and drink gross boxed wine because the dinner place we go to is BYOB.

The winners will be announced at the courts after the finals on 11/13 so if you’ve been nominated make sure to come! (And maybe come to the end of year party after).

The winners get these ’47 brand hats!

Female Rookie of the Year
Brita – Cobra Kai
Carly – Vertz
Ellie – Filthier
Emma – Gremlins
KG – Sky Fighters

Male Rookie of the Year
Adam – WTP
Alec – Mega Touch
Corey – Lbs
Lucas – Biters
Simon – Vertz

Captain(s) of the Year
Todd and Shawn – Bad Seeds
Mikey – Poutine
Suz – Riots
Susie – WTP

Best Defense: Female
Charlotte – Fuzz
Kelsey – Lbs
LJ – Cobra Kai
Tash – Mega Touch

Best Defense: Male
Avery – Lbs
Frey – Lbs
JJ – Filthier
Jake T – Butchers

Craig ‘Kentucky Wristwatch’ Lacombe Award – for flamboyance and extraordinary feats in Goaltending
Cam – Free Agent
Chris C – Demons/FA
James – SKy Fighters
Eric R – Riots
Jack McGinty lol sike

Most Underrated: Female
Cathy – Gremlins
Ellexa – Ankle Biters
Jill – The Agents
Morgan – The Hookers
Sheena – Fresh Kills

Most Underrated: Male
Alex EM – Mega Touch
Dave L – Riots
Kevin M – Karma
Roberts – Lbs

*Most Overrated: Braun – Karma

Best Duo
BTSH & The Rain
Malik & Ryann
Russ & Nico
Source & Ramy

The Rachel Greene Award for Snark, Style, and Sass
Amanda – Fuzz
Brady – Butchers
Casca – Cobra Kai
Emily B – Sky Fighters
Sammi – Demons

The Tracy L Miller Award for Nicest Person
Dianne- The Bad Seeds
Jaimie – Vertz
Lief – The Agents
Tia – Dark Rainbows
Wes – Sky Fighters

The Zac Hogg Award for Gratuitous Volunteering and Keeping the League from Becoming a Sinking Ship (aka Time Hogg Award)
AliCat – Cobra Kai
Scotty K – Lbs
Lee – Hookers
Nico – Dark Rainbows
Justin – WTP

*The Jack McGinty Sluttiest Player Award (for the player who plays the most games for other teams/switched teams the most)
Annie – Free Agent
Cam – Free Agent
Joel – Lbs –> Dark Rainbows
Mel – Sky Fighters
*This award is in its inaugural year

Least Improved
Bill – Karma
George – Fresh Kills
Shelly – Mega Touch
Sean – Dark Rainbows
Tim K – Vertz

*The Monday Call Out Award (for the player who goes the hardest hanging out and inevitably has to come in late to work or not at all on Monday)
AK – Karma
Dana – Dark Rainbows
Jeff G – Poutine
Liz – Lbs
Fresh Kills (for obviously not paying their bar tab)
*This award is in its inaugural year

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