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2022 Registration and FA Scrimmage

BTSH is back, baby! To clear up any confusion, check out the below links to do one (or both) of the following:

FREE AGENT REGISTRATION – for the folks who haven’t landed a team yet. sign up to be on the FA list and teams can see your info and invite you to sub (or blindly add you for the whole season if your resume is impressive).

FREE AGENT SCRIMMAGE – Sunday, April 24th @ 1pm at Tompkins Square Park. this is where you can show off and let the team’s see your stuff. sign up, show up, ***wear the color red***, and bring a good attitude (dicks will not be permitted on the courts).

TEAM REGISTRATION – if you are already on a team, do your captains a favor and sign up so they don’t have to send that third email.

SEE YOU ALL AT THE COURTS SOOOOOON. -your media overlords <3

PS- in a desperate plea for media writers, JOIN US. sure, you might have to ‘work’ with Glnzr, but did we mention you get paid per article? and if you write enough articles yes, even you too can get invited to our prestigious media chinatown dinner where we decide on end of season awards. email if you’re intrigued.

pulitzer prize material in the making

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