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2023 BTSH Media Awards

Bonus content alert!! Ahead of the semi-finals and finals previews, here’s a little something to wet your whistle (lil’ ref pun for ya).

Please note this is a very unserious award ceremony that almost didn’t happen but thanks to Amanda, Russ, and the rest of the retired BTSH media: Cat, Mia, Jerome, Walker, Rich, Russo, Jess – we brought it back. We try to ensure representation across all teams despite most awards being captain-nominated. Anybody complaining like a whiny little baby about lack of nominees or “this person played 4 games last year and isn’t a rookie” will just be laughed at. Both publicly and privately.

Rookie of the Year – Women

Cara, Mega Touch

Eva, Filthier

Maddy, Butchers

Ellie, Sky Fighters 

Rookie of the Year – Men

Cole, Gremlins

Jacob B, Agents

Ryan, Poutine

Sam, Fuzz

Best Captain

Julie, Mega Touch

Leif, Agents

Probie, Biters

Sarah & Hicks, Vertz

Craig La Combe Award for Outstanding Feats in Goaltending

Corey, Fresh Kills

Chris, Demons

Jamie, Gremlins

Mike S, Rainbows

Most Underrated – Women

Kate, Butchers

Jessie, Fuzz

Sarah Moore, Biters

Shannon, Vertz

Most Underrated – Men

John C, WTP

Jon M, Bad Seeds

Rhys, Sky Fighters

Vanck, Riots

Best Defense – Women

Charlotte, Cobra Kai

Hillary, Lbs

Nicki, Filthier

Sarah H, WTP

Best Defense – Men

Joel, Rainbows

Olivier, Cobra Kai

Sean, Filthier

Simon, Vertz

Glanzer (I’m really hoping Jess doesn’t notice I slipped myself in here) **Editor’s Note: lol

Best Duo

Lee and the Parks Department

Pete and Tommy, Bad Seeds

Mike and Tom, Cobra Kai

Courtney and Amanda, Mega Touch/Fuzz

Tracy L Miller Award for Niceness

Jacob G, Hookers

Jared, Biters

Robyn, Demons

Sophie, Rainbows

Least Improved

Hughes, Fuzz

Sam, Lbs

Tash, Mega Touch

Tom G, Cobra Kai

Sarah L, Karma

Jack D Mcginty Sluttiest Award 

Annie, Fuzz

Cam, Sky Fighters

Hogg, Fresh Kills 

KG, Sky Fighters 

Ref of the Year 

Allison, Gremlins

Casca, WTP

Courtney, Mega Touch

Isaac, Karma 

And LASTLY we have a couple of awards (shout out to Russ for the new categories) where the winners will be announced at the court…so make sure you swing by!

Time Hogg Award – In recognition of player(s) who make an effort socially or volunteer wise in the league. 

Most Corrupt Corporation 

Corporate CEO of the year

Most likely to rizz* your mom

*rizz= charisma in gen z lingo (e.g. flirt with)

And finally, a Mystery Award 

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