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3 Stars and 3 Not Stars of Week 4

by cristo_the_hawk

Cat and Glnzr were both out this weekend so here’s my pitiful attempt to fill their shoes! 

Three Stars

Third Star: Liz Tremble for a ‘dirty dangle’ goal in Karma’s victory over Filthier

Second Star: Amit had 2 goals on the day to lead the Demons to victory but had an especially sick inbound goal from at least half court against Jamie, making it all that much more impressive. 

The calm before the Amit storm

First Star: The Agents

In true Cat fashion (Rich is going to kill me for this) I’m giving the first star to The Agents. The media predicted a blow out from the Sky Fighters but The Agents fought back from a 2-goal deficit, tied it up, had solid goalkeeping, and sent it to OT even though they lost. Congrats on your first point of the season!

Honorable Mention(s):

Westley, Nestor, DGR, and Hopper for stepping up and reffing their first games/taking on bigger games to ref as well as Ellie and Kate from Filthier and Friedman from Karma for repping their team and stepping up to learn!

Whoever designed the new jerseys for Karma and Mega Touch – well done, much sparkle and shine. And none for Gretchen Weiners The Vertz

“But we have Dolphins on our jerseys!” – Jack, probably

Cat Tremble for sticking around after the first game of the day and subbing in 2 extra games.

Wes, you get mentioned all the time so no, you are not even getting an HM for scoring the OT goal against The Agents

Three Not Stars

Apparently y’all don’t know how to act so the media needs to shame you into being responsible adults.

Third Star: AK

AK for crying like a little baby while getting treated for some cuts and bruises. When asked why he was crying he said “Sorry, I was just thinking about when they played Yellow at the Coldplay concert I was at last night.” A likely story.

Suddenly all happy when someone takes a camera out, but the media knows the truth!!!

Second Star – SHARED

Fuzz/Lbs for depriving us all of the Game of The Day. Oh so the Rangers are good in the postseason and suddenly everyone’s a fan? SEEMS AWFULLY CONVENIENT. We will get to the bottom of this.

Aaaaand the person on neither of the above teams who sent not one, but two reply-all emails at midnight to the ref email list by mistake complaining about the Fuzz/Lbs cancellation. Gentle, slightly existential reminder: this is a beer league, nothing matters, don’t be a dick.

First Star: Jake K

Jake K from Sky Fighters for not letting Scott(y) K sub for The Agents. What a jerk! Definitely not one of the nicest guys in the league. Boooooo Jake K. 

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