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3 Stars of Playoffs Week 1

By Glnzr

The first round of playoffs is in the books and I’m ready to write some stars! Tune in to see if Mega gets one for their victory over the Demons!

There may (but also may not) be 3 Non Stars though I’ll probably word it as 3 Heels to satisfy my WWE wrestling fetish. 

Yay, wrestling!

But before I start the stars, can someone explain this picture please? Not that there’s anything wrong with it…but still…pause. 

Jerome seems very pleased and proud about his banana and Isaac is here for it. 


My team email this week to Fuzz will be, “Cover this man!”

Probie was a beast. He scored an early goal for the Biters and they never looked back winning 3-0. Only Probie gets the star because he also added another one and when he was out there the ball was in the Rehabs zone. But props to the whole team for playing hard and strong. Phil and Amy must have done it in the morning or something because those two were particularly physical (in a BTSH allowed way) and played their best games. Also Nick made a great defensive play and their whole team wrongly complimented Craig for a save that never got to him. Poor Nick, will he ever win? But props to Craig had an elite water break when he wasn’t thirsty but his team needed a break (he confirmed this to be true). Schuey also made several smart dumps to keep the Rehabs potent offense in the defensive zone.

Great team win. (And no Probie, you can’t use Stu next week)

Great game Phil, but if you beat Fuzz next week you can jump. Jumping after a 3-0 QF win is a bit excessive

**Diabetic Dicky

I literally made Matt take a picture with Dicky, knowing full well I wasn’t going to give Matt a star. What an asshole.

It’s playoff time and we do not share stars in playoff time. This was a really hard one to give. On one hand, Russo scored two Poutine goals and ended the longest playoff BTSH shootout (that I know of) with a sweet goal. Some people say Russo got a hat trick, scoring 2 regulation goals and one shootout goal. Those people are wrong and should be written up and sent to the DC. 

But Dicky stopped I think 12-13 shootout attempts. 2 of them were actually good shots too! In the end I chose Dicky because he has diabetes and Russo doesn’t. Or if he does isn’t open about it and should be. Lesson to be had, send me your medical issues and you might get a star!

Before we get to the first star lets take a break to see Hero!

Clearly the slander from Russ about Hero earlier in the week in one of his 10 FB posts isn’t true. Hero is a good boy!

* Derek

I think 50 people told me, “You didn’t hear this from me, but Danielle didn’t want to let Karma play with two girls last week.” I heard it from all of you! Danielle’s decision backfired as the Rain Fears cancelled their game and angered Karma. Derek netted 5 goals and would have had six if Corey didn’t get in the way of one of his goals and let it knick off him. 

If only it was this sunny last Sunday! Maybe Derek wouldn’t have been able to blow up Filthier’s season. 

Sorry Mega, Julie was very mean to me so out of spite you didn’t get a star.But if you make the semis you will get all of them! Or at least the first star. 

HOF player, HOF picture.
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