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3 Stars of the Week

By Glnzr

This week’s Three Stars of the Week:

Third Star***

Louis Fresh Kills

Out of all the new FK guys, Louis is by far my favorite. Props to him on getting engaged but even more props to him for helping FK hand the Vertz yet another 1 run loss. (Though who knows if he actually showed to the game)

Second Star**

LJ Cobra Kai

Wow..LJ looks stunning in this classic Cecil(e) Harambe shirt! But this second star isn’t about her past great taste for fashion. It’s about stepping up as Captain as half the team was at Russ wedding. While those of us snubbed did not attend, at least LJ made the most of it by scoring a huge goal in CK’s victory over the Biters.

First Star*

Greenwald and Tyler

Agents…I’m proud of you. After getting demolished the first 2 games of the year, I didn’t think you’d get a win this season. But you guys came together, lost in OT and now stole a victory from the Bad Seeds. Tyler had 2 goals and Greenwald played great in net. Congrats to everyone but Jesus…get some real shirts.If you don’t have new digs by the end of July, you’re getting a Not Star. 

Honorable Mentions by “The Media”:

*Sean M notched 2 of Filthiers’s 3 goals (including the game winner to break the 2-2 tie with 8 seconds left in regulation) and helped hand Karma their first loss

*Commissioner Nico for doing everything++ while co-commish Russ was too busy getting married to help. She replenished First Aid supplies after someone seemingly stole the original kit (Not Star to that person), may or may not have found a new recycling can, and just generally went above and beyond on the behind-the-scenes stuff so everyone else could have a great day at the courts.

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