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3 Stars of the Week

By Glnzr

So this was the hardest week to ever do the 3 Stars. So many Hat Tricks including Roberts on his birthday. I ended up Venmoing Roberts $3 so he wouldn’t end our friendship after this snub. I also snubbed George for his Hat Trick against Fuzz because they lost and I feel good about it because he was mean to me in D5. (FWIW, he didn’t know I was planning to snub him prior to the meanness.) 

So without further adieu, here are the 3 stars. 

*** Tim B. and Mike M., Butchers

Do you believe in miracles…ok so that’s a little overboard but the team with 0 points beat the team with the most points. Huge props to probably the most underrated goalie in the league Tim B. for the shutout, and to Mike M. for scoring the lone goal. It’s a pretty cool feeling when 30 or so people come to a game and you’re the only scorer. 

Loving Akhil’s facial expressions here

** Matt M. and Charlotte, Fuzz

Both FK and Fuzz were short on players but the oldest player on FK prob would have been the youngest player on Fuzz. Fuzz got out to an early 3-goal lead but once FK scored their first goal with about a minute left in the first half, the game turned. The second half was ALL FK. Twice they got within one but both times Charlotte scored soon after to give Fuzz a 5-3 win. Her 2nd goal was an incredible move going backhand to open the 5-hole. Props to Steve from Instant Karma for realizing Charlotte was the key to the game. 

* Tia, Rainbows

Mega thought they could just steal hot pink from the Rainbows and made sure to play them when Jess was out of the country. But after a great battle, Tia won it in OT. These late heroics are nothing new for the leagues best cameraperson…as Tia has also scored a huge shootout goal in Moffo. Congrats Tia, I wish you had a clone so she could have taken a picture of your goal. This will help your HOF candidacy. 

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