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3 Stars of Week 10

by Glnzr

Sorry Cat, even though our beef is done, this isn’t the week to celebrate Tash and Natalya for playing the whole game for Mega. 
This was supposed to be the coming out party of D3. Instant Karma and Poutine Machine came into their matchups with the Rehabs and Lbs. ahead of them in the standings with amazing 7-1 records. Each had a chance to finish first overall. One member of the BTSH media predicted wins for both D3 teams. 

(Not Smug Jess, the guy trapped between boulders)
But more important than the two points, these teams were battling for stars!

Third Star: Avery 

”Next time you come in, you come heavy or not at all”Alex suggested giving the star to Liz for being a menace or Micayla for playing D for the first time in years. When did Cat hack his laptop? No, this week is the week for talented jerks like Liam! Avery (who is not a jerk) had a monster game (bc he always has a monster game). He scored a goal, carried the play and gets the star. More importantly,  The Lbs. told Poutine to get back to the end of the line, and ”next time you come in, you come heavy or not at all’.’

Second Star: Hicks

Karma was #3 in the Rankings just a few weeks ago, a couple of spots ahead of the Rehabs. 
Meanwhile…fueled by his former Gremlin teammate Walker bashing his scheduling skills for not having the Gremlins face the Riots, Hicks took double the pre-workout than normal. So in other words, all the pre-workout times 2. 
The pre-workout squared was needed as it was one of the most physical games BTSH has ever seen. The Rehabs came out guns ablazing as they put up a 4 spot before Karma finally scored.  In the end, Hicks masculinity was toxic, as he not only scored 2 goals, but snubbed Mo by not even saying good pass when she put a perfect pass on his stick. 
Rehabs told Karma, “I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you.”Don’t steal Rehab’s daughter.  

First Star: Gil

I maybe a little biased on this one but it’s deserving. Gil turned 59 yesterday and for his birthday he put in two goals and probably had a couple of assists. At 59-years-old Gil is still one of the top players in the league. Though he had a chance for a birthday hat trick, he decided to dump the ball instead of trying to score with a minute or so left.  
Sidenote, can you imagine what Frey, Jack and Hicks will look like when they’re 59? I think about it often. I think this sums it up. 

Congrats, Gil!

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