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3 Stars of Week 11

by Glnzr

Third Star: Mega Touch

Julie basically sent me a team pic and ordered me to not only do the stars, but to make sure Mega gets one.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Alex’s deep v?

Honestly, they deserve it. What a season. With a 7-3 record they finish in 5th place in the whole league. It’s a great accomplishment for a bunch of mostly good people. But can they take the next step? In the past they’ve lost playoff heartbreakers to Fresh Kills and the Rehabs. It would be nice for them to make a run. I’d like to see it. 

Second Star: Sig

Hey yo. The Bad Guy came to play! After playing for the Elves and Fuzz for almost a decade, Sig ditched the league sweethearts and joined the Dojo. A couple of weeks ago, he guaranteed Cobra Kai would not lose another game. Down 1-0, Sig scored a huge goal that referee Justin claims went in. Then in the shootout Cobra Kai told Sig you joined to be in big moment and he thrilled his teammates and Cutler by scoring the big goal. Much like the time Hicks left Fuzz and put up 4 against his old mates, Sig earned the first star. Unfortunately for him…one of the leagues greatest moments happened an hour prior to screw him of his deserved glory.

that potato-quality photo is in fact Russ

First Star: Caroline/Sarah

In perhaps one of the best accomplishments in BTSH history, both Sarah M. and Caroline got a hat trick on Filthier and Tim K. What’s great about this hat trick is they both have been in the league since at least 2007, and neither of them had ever (probably) got a hat trick before. To do this against one of the leagues best goalies makes the accomplishment even better. Not a star for Richie for not getting a picture of the two and instead use this file one from 1983.

Rich wtf did you print this on a fax machine from the 90s??

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