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3 Stars of Week 2

by cat

Rise and shine BTSH campers! Hope everyone enjoyed a summery Sunday, with an honorable mention to Hicks for best dressed, the man knows how to dress for the weather (kicking off my first Stars write-up the way I want, with an HM in my second sentence). Hicks: Please share buylinks in the comments, thanks in advance.


I’m still acquainting myself with this season’s team dynamics, new players, etc. and sadly Steve isn’t feeding me any information so I have to just wildly conjecture instead. This week we had interdivisional games so there were a lot of blowout wins and a couple of fun upsets – smell the drama!!! 

THIRD STAR – Brandon

One of the closer game scores of the day was Riots vs Hookers, with Hookers narrowly beating Riots 4-3 – the so-called media was split on predictions for this one, the Riots are having a glow-up so beating a D2 team didn’t seem so impossible, but in the end they fell short and Hookers finished first.

Congrats to Brandon, a new addition to the Hookers who scored his first ever BTSH goal! 


Skyfighters have consistently been growing from year to year in confidence, morale, talent, Emily’s pushup count – and they showed this Sunday that their star will continue to rise. They were the underdogs against Filthier but they set an early lead and were able to maintain in the second, with a final score of 4-2. 

Probably could have given the star to any number of Skyfighters players but this week it goes to Greg who sniped a goal early in the game, setting the whole tone. 


I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to underestimate Mega Touch in the year of our lord 2022 but it is still always impressive to watch them pull off a so-called upset. This was a hard fought match up though granted the Biters were probably deeply hungover from their team dinner the previous evening. 

Alok hasn’t played recently but shook off the cobwebs and scored both of MT’s goals against the Anklebiters, securing their win in a 2-1 game!

Honorable Mention

The children, the ‘future’ if you will, of BTSH – Walsh’s daughters helped set up and when Cheeky’s co-ref was too hungover to show up, Liza’s son Harley did a superlative job filling in during the Karma/Bad Seeds game.

Not Star

Lol Russ what did you do to the attendance Google form

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