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3 Stars of Week 4

by cat

The problem with being BTSH’s favorite 3 stars writer is the burden. Like, ok, being better liked than Rich? Low bar. Being funnier? Also low bar. Being cuter and better at hockey than Rich? Ok now I’m just piling on. Writing these quickly enough so that Jess doesn’t yell at me? Nearly impossible!

It was a big game day this past Sunday. Certainly people were crowding the streets not to watch soccer through bar windows, but to watch beer league hockey. We are a month in now and while the Skyfighters are still apparently so new they’re still getting a high sticking whistle every 30 seconds, on the whole each team is really starting to come into their own and we’re seeing how everyone stacks up against one another.

Now we just need to host the BTSH Olympics to figure out who the true competitors are. Apparently weed is now a performance enhancer. Should we be adding drug testing?


Third Star

Brianna from Karma scored a goal wearing a Mets hat. The one thing Rich and I agree on!!!!


Go Mets but also go Karma celebrating their win on Sunday!!!

Second Star

Giving second star to Mia for not putting up with bullshit and for Marcella for being an ally and distributing DEFENSE badges. As someone who does identify as part of the AAPI community that’s some rad shit.

reminder since some of you need it ^ – jess


After years (perhaps a full decade?) off from BTSH, one of the league’s OG players GG made his return this season on the Butchers. Sunday up against the What the Puck, he was given a proper BTSH welcome aka an errant high ball crash landing into his face. After taking a moment to ice his new shiner, GG got back on the proverbial horse and scored on his next shift.

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