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3 Stars of Week 6

by Glnzr

It was a wonderful week for 10 teams in BTSH, and a miserable week for the other 10. So to the Butchers, WTP (yikes guys), Agents, Ariel and Fresh Kills,  Gremmies, Bad Seeds, Sky Fighters, Anklebiters (Another yikes), and Hookers, you’ll find no salvation here. May the lord have mercy on your collective souls because the teams that beat you didn’t.

Third Star: Ramy
The Commissioner of Sads, Tim Cheveldae FanGirl, Gunthr Disrespecter, a BTSH and D5 Champion and all around very average man may have bumped up his stock. While the Vertz gave Hicks his record 3rd Off-Season-Championship,actual wins on the court have been few and far between for the Vertz. But Hicks set off the Beta Signal and Ramy answered with two goals and an assist, to beat the two-time finalists Cobra Kai. 
Well done Ramy. 

Second Star: Amit

The Most Underrated Player in BTSH Amit had himself a game. Two huge goals and a big assist to none other than Tracy M. led the Demons to a hard fought victory over the Butchers. And I also want to give a shoutout to Brad. With the Demons up 4-1 and around 15 seconds left, Brad had a lot of room to go to the net and take a shot. Instead he kept the ball to himself and then dumped it harmlessly to run out the clock. A rare act of sportsmanship in BTSH, where the winners usually try to runrule their defeated opponent. Well done, Brad. (Though it should be noted he also had delusions of grandeur when he took a full on slap shot and lied to the refs face saying his stick was below his knee.)

First Star: Karl

2 beloved rainbows – karl and dana – and 1 traitor

The Rainbows handed the Sky Fighters their first loss of the season in a shootout. Karl scored the game winner as well as adding one in regulation. You know…for us white men in our 40s life has been very hard. It’s good for one of us to finally be recognized for our accomplishments. Good job, Karl! 
And now the Rainbows finally have more points than the Agents. Until next week??? Tune in to the previews to find out what will happen before their actual game is played. 

Honorable Mentions:

Congrats to “Crack” on Fuzz for limiting FK to one goal in your first BTSH game.

Also Caitlin, Faz and Eva went toe to toe with Gabe, Louis, George and the others and came out on top. 

Jeff and Derek had 5 goals for Mega/Karma. I feel that should really be not only star worthy, but first star worthy. I’ve turned into Cat. I just hope everyone had fun. 

Boylan literally can’t count past 3 and thought the Lbs. won 3-0 and not 5-0. But she is very pretty. Not BTSH HOF pretty like Julie, but still…very pretty.

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