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A Filthy Goodbye

by Glnzr

This Sunday, we say goodbye to two of our greatest people, Ann and James. James started BTSH in 2004, and probably is either first or second (next to Karstan) in goals in BTSH history. Suvin and James are probably the best pair to ever play in this league.

 But after 17-years…we’ve said all there is to say about James, and given him all the stars. Unlike non-HOFers like Liam, when James P. gets a hat trick, he gets a star.

And boy did he get one when he married Ann. There is no bigger star in this league than Ann. Ann met James in 2013 and quickly fell in love….with hockey. In 2015, Ann joined Filthier full time and in her first season, won the BTSH Championship. In 2016 Ann decided she wanted to run the NYC Marathon. Unfortunately, thanks to two rainouts, the semis/championship game had to be moved to the NYC Marathon. Through constant harassment that included subtle threats at first, to death threats of Hero, she was able to get the semis/finals moved to the week after the Marathon, where I can only assume Ann won.

Ann totally winning the race against that guy next to her who stole her look

Sadly, Ann’s winnings ended at Filthier and presumably the 2016 NYC Marathon. She saw one Islanders game with James and for some reason was hooked…not on the Penguins but the Islanders. Her love was pure, and it was instant. James says, “When we first met the Islanders were in the playoffs and she would watch the games with me. After explaining offsides rules (20+ times), line changes, etc. she quickly fell in love with the end to end action.” During the pandemic, Ann could be seen with James, either on the little TV’s that the networks put for their most rabid fans, or at the Coliseum cheering them Long Island losers on. I mean let’s be real, outside of Gil, there’s not a lot of good hockey being played in LI.

Photo from 2015, Rich’s comment from yesterday

James has provided fun facts about Ann. I’ll include some of my own. Let’s do bulletpoints bc they are fun!

·         Her goal is to be the GM or 4th line player/coach for the Islanders.

·         She cannot stand when the refs or lineseman don’t pick up the broken sticks on the ice (and I agree…I don’t get this at all?!?! Are they lazy?)

·         Ann joined the Beasts in Feasterville, and when they played the other BTSH team the Shortis in the finals, Ann had one of the best games she’s ever played. Here is a picture. The people circled are the best people. 

Circled: Hero and Ann

I’ll end with this. Ann Mathews is exactly what BTSH is supposed to be about. She’s passionate about the hockey, made life-long friends and put a smile on everyone’s face that she encountered. Safe travels James and Ann, we will miss you. 

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