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Announcing the Byron Clavicle Blue Ribbon Endowment for Superlative Quality in Long-Form Hockey-Oriented Journalistic Endeavors

The BTSH Media has never missed an opportunity to congratulate itself. For example:


Above: the award-winning 2011 Media Team wins the Best Duo Media Award by awarding the media award to its award-winning self.*

What has been missing amid this masturbatory vainglorious narcissism, however, is a fresh batch of new voices ready to throw their hardworked pages upon the smoldering inferno that is the BTSH website.
To address this gap and promote greater lexical diversity, we are introducing the Byron Clavicle Blue Ribbon Endowment for Superlative Quality in Long-Form Hockey-Oriented Journalistic Endeavors (the BCBRESQLFHOJE, referred to henceforth as the Clavicle Award, or Clavvy).

The yearly prize shall consist of:
– one case of PBR (a value of over $9.99)
– a mention at the yearly media awards
– publication on the website
– a bunch of Facebook “Likes”
– the opportunity to brag to your friends and colleagues
– sheer bafflement on the part of all others


…or a case of Yoo-Hoo if you don’t drink PBR.

Results will be judged by an anonymous team of semi-literate savages. Any article published on BTSH.org before the end of the season is eligible, provided 1) it is greater than the longest of Rich Glanzer’s articles here (approximately 8 words; a good target would be in the 500-1000 word range) and 2) it is not an official feature like the box scores (although I’ve seen some really life-altering box scores). The article will be subject to the strictest editorial vetting process, as usual, and all published writing will be paid at the contributor rate whether or not it wins the award. If you have something you’d like to write, contact media at btsh dot org.

Note that there are already some likely contenders, such as Ophelia Baulls’ photo exposé You’ve Got Male (clocking in at 942 words)! Can you do better? No? Try anyway! Immortality awaits– and maybe a Clavvy!

* (They did deserve it, though.)

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