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Around the League Week 10

by christo_the_hawk

The Rainbows lost 4-1 to a Mega team with momentum. Shout out to Courtney—she didn’t play because she’s hurt but she watched my dog this weekend and that’s what really matters here.

Tia scored the lone ‘bow goal and gets the Wizard hat because as my co-editor says, we like to have fun. WHAT, LIKE IT’S A CRIME?!

In the Sky Fighters vs Fresh Kills matchup, both teams said Sky Fighters played great, but sadly fell short 7-4 with an empty net goal at the end.

In positive underdog news, The Riots beat back Math Rot 4-1 with their rookie Ian netting a goal.

After a flukey first goal that gave the Hookers a lead, WTP said ‘wtf’ and fought back to make it 1-1, taking it to lolshootouts. Justin scored the winning goal to keep Hogg happy and WTP comfy in the standings.

In the battle for Jeff’s friendship, Scotty K and Jack scored first for their respective teams, but the Lbs pulled away with the win against Poutine thanks to Avery and Davis, 3-2.

With friends like these who needs…actually never mind.

There must be something in the water because everyone is being really nice this week and yet again both teams said the other played hard. Rehabs won 6-3 and my inside source tells me Hicks actually back checked. Another inside source remarked “Karma is tough. They’re fast and a lot of their girls are better than I expected.”*

*Don’t let it go to your head, Friedman.

Fuzz won against the Butchers 9-4 and Gil the ageless wonder scored 2 goals on his 59th* birthday!!!

*this was the age I was told, someone on fuzz tell me if this is incorrect

A heated battle between the Gremlins and Demons saw a game winner from Iannis 2-1. Also Erich decided to slum it and come back to the black top for the weekend so that probably helped the Gremlins too.

See you all next week for the rain fears makeup games!

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