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Around the League Week 11

by christo_the_hawk

Filthier tried to hold on to their 1 goal lead but the Lbs took it to OT and won with a goal from newly-minted teammate Sam.

The Lbs kept their win streak alive with a 2-0 victory against the Hookers. Welcome back captain Sarah!!!

The Biters demolished Filthier 9-2, solidifying their spot in the 1st division again for next year and certain demotion for Filthier.

After a 2-2 regulation game Cobra Kai and Fuzz took things to OT and then lolshootouts where Sig (who used to play for Fuzz last year) netted the game winner. “I’m happy for him” – Andrea

Rich looks happy for Sig too!!!!

The Rehabs beat WTP 3-1 with an unfortunate own goal for WTP in the opening half.

Yet another lolshootouts game for Demons and Sky Fighters with D-Ro scoring the game winner and the Demons clinging onto 3rd division status for dear life for one more year.

The Rainbows made quick work of the Riots, 3-0. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank god Dan is back from Canada.

The Gremlins lost to a strong Mega team with a Shelly appearance, 3-0. See you in the 4th division next year, Walker!!!!

And Karma took down Poutine 3-1 thanks to and overall strong team performance and 2 goals from Austin*. Austin is the new Derek, sorry Derek**.

*who stayed out until 4am last night

**I’m not really that sorry

Amazing mid-goal photo by Tia

See you all next week for the All Star Game and other fun competitions!

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