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Around the League Week 4

by Dingle McCringle

No rain, no yelling at refs (mostly) and no shortage of late ’90s/early 2000’s pop music. Shoutout @matkastella

Cobra Kai said No Scrubs allowed and beat the Hookers 3-1 (or 4-1). Few show-up to the 12:30 games to watch, so apologies for not having the exact score. No hat trick for Liam.

Rehabs told Lbs. to “Say my name, say my name” as they beat-up on an undermanned and underwomanned Lbs. team to the tune of 6-2. At least Frey and Hicks could dance it off post-game.

careful Frey, he’s gonna cancel you

GDR said Bye Bye Bye as Riot’s goalie, but it made no difference to Poutine as they made it Hot in Here putting up a six-spot in the second half to shut out the Riots, 6-0.

accidental renaissance

Le Colby Kills got jiggy with it and put up yet another six-goal game today against Tim K and Filthier.

In true Livin’ La Vida Loca fashion, Mega Touch pulled off the upset against Instant Karma, winning 3-2 in Karma’s first game of the day.

Rainbows were caught chasing waterfalls against Skyfighters and SF flew like a bird to a 3-1 win. 

Walker didn’t go -4, but the ageless wonder Gil still said U Can’t Touch This, and sniped a beautiful goal for Fuzz’s second of the game.

Craig was a Wonderwall for those pesky Anklebiters as he and the rest of the team blanked Rotten Math 4-0.

Bit of a Bittersweet Symphony for Butchers as they couldn’t pull off the win against WTP. Baby Got Back-to-back wins for WTP. 

…Baby One More Time, is what Karma asked for as they played their second game of the day. This time, they proved victorious against the Demons, 3-1.

Last but not least, Italy beat England in a (lol) shootout, 2-1, leading to Queen Elizabeth “losing her religion” (that one was a stretch). 
And that’s The End of the Road. Dingle out.

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