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Around the League Week 8

by christo_the_hawk

Fuzz beat Filthier 3-0. Yawn.

Math fell to Karma 2-5 but silver lining: “we scored 2!!!!”

The Riots took the Demons to OT only to have the Demons score in the last 5 seconds, depriving us all of lolshootouts!!!!

Gremlins lost 5-1 “to some team wearing blue” (Sky Fighters). The Sky Fighters would like everyone to know they are on a 6 game winning streak and are ready for Poutine*

*they said this in a way more aggressive manner

After an early WTP lead with back-to-back goals from Hogg and Henry, the Biters fought back to win 4-3. On the plus side for WTP, Ed’s daughter was at the courts strapped to him in a baby carrier and was very cute.

In a game where the dojo was down a few key players and the Lbs had some old favorites back (Karsten, Avery, Micayla), the Lbs won 4-1. Liam did have a sick inbound goal and Jack learned “wow you really have to pay attention the entire game as a goalie.”

Liam didn’t get a hat trick but he did make friends with this butterfly. Also here’s his instagram handle go give him the attention he deserves!!!!

Fresh Kills did their thing yet again against the Hookers and won 7-3. Shout out to literally all the guys on their team wearing lax pinnys and backwards hats.

Real original guys

Rehabs cruised through to a swift win over the Butchers 8-1.

See you all next week!

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