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Around the League Week 9

by christo_the_hawk

In a game where both teams were hurting for female players, Poutine beat the Sky Fighters 5-2.

Today I learned that the shorter the shorts, the better the hockey player as evidenced by the hot pants wearing man who notched 2 for The Demons in their 4-1* defeat of the Rainbows.

*Zach F stole an open net goal from his own teammate—rude!

yeah we lost…but do any of your teammates ever call you handsome and put it on the back of their jersey?!

After a quick first goal from WTP, Cobra Kai came out on top against WTP winning 4-1. And Liam didn’t score at hat trick. (Or attend.)

Shockingly, Fresh Kills didn’t give up a ton of goals against The Butchers despite having their typical scoring deficit. 6-1 FK. Also for those not on facebook the 5 newbies on Fresh Kills invited everyone to come drink with them but abruptly got shit on. Don’t worry you guys we’ll be nice soon it’s just your initiation.

they really tried

Gremlins got their mojo back and swept Rotten Math 4-0. Walker wants everyone to know he was +2.

Is this a coors ad or a miller lite ad?

Mega Touch unsurprisingly beat The Riots 5-1.

Ankle Biters and Lbs took it to OT, then shootouts, where Sarah M started it all off for the Biters and they cruised to a big fat W.

look at those shining stars- craig and sarah

Rehabs beat Filthy 2-0. Credit to Hicks for being the Tompkins Park singer’s #1 fan.

Great day of hockey and see you all next weekend!

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