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Guess Who: Hockey Baby Edition

by cristo_the_hawk

In the spirit of #content, we are bringing the blacktop denizens a MDW/post mother’s day/pre father’s day themed article. Prepare yourselves for mostly cute and some cringe-worthy baby pics of your fellow BTSHers! Try to guess who’s who—we’ll have an answer key down below but we’ll give you a hint to which team they’re on. Note: We tried to get someone from every team but understandably not everyone wants their baby photos blasted into the interwebs, and for that, we thank all of y’all who shared!

1) Hint: Cobra Kai

before ‘hell yeah’ there was ‘yee haw’

2) Hint: Fresh Kills

definitely the terror of the class

3) Hint: Vertz

*Miranda Priestly voice* Woody? For Halloween? Groundbreaking.

4) Hint: Sky Fighters

sporty spice

5) Hint: Dark Rainbows

still looks the same imho

6) Hint: Demons

sassy and stylish

7) Hint: Gremlins

She didn’t have her signature shades…yet

8) Hint: Lbs

pony tail on point

9) Hint: Demons

10) Hint: Biters

11) Hint: Biters

honestly this one would stump me

12) Hint: Demons

13) Hint: Bad Seeds

pure swag

14) Hint: Bad Seeds

15) Hint: Dark Rainbows

16) Hint: Mega Touch

Hint: Commissioner

ANSWERS: 1) Campbell 2) Meg 3) Russo 4) Jake K 5) Wagner 6) Tracy 7) Marcella 8) Hilary 9) Neil 10) Sarah M

11) Probie 12) Sammi 13) Scott K 14) Heather 15) Jess 16) Alex EM 17) Russ

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