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Hall of Fame Inductee: Ariel

By Glnzr

If you google “Most Successful BTSH Career Ever” undoubtedly, a picture of our last 2021 BTSH HOFer will appear. 

Ugh, it’s some douchebag named Nathan Hodel who used to play for the Arizona Cardinals. 

Hey asshole, when I google crappy players that never amounted to anything in the NFL, you don’t find a rando BTSH player, so stay out of our Google searches.

Anyways, the person I was referring to is none other than Ariel. 

Google Ariel BTSH and this is the 3rd picthat comes up. I’m switching to Yahoo searchΒ for the rest of this article.

The point is I’m not sure anyone has had a better BTSH career than Ariel. He has tied for the most championships with 4. He has the only OT goal in BTSH Championship history and this is officially the 3rd best picture in BTSH history. 


I’m so sorry Julie.

This is #2

Ariel started his career with Bad Touch in 2008. After two games, he said deuces to Devlin and Alex and joined Fresh Kills (For the record Jess, saying deuces was in, in 2008). Ariel is known for being one of the smartest players on the court and certainly this decision proves his off-court smarts are on point as well. Fresh Kills won the championship over the Hookers 3-2, in one of the biggest upsets ever. The 2008 FK have the most HOFers of all time with Soko, Dave GDR, Amy, Bob and now Ariel. 

(No one is reading anymore prob not even Arielbut Kevin Foster may get in one day as well)

While Ariel loves playing for stacked Fresh Kills, he also enjoys playing for the underdogs. In 2014 he joined the all female team Dependable Scrap. And a week after scoring the OT championship goal for FK, he led the all girl team to a championship by unbelievably scoring another OT championship goal, after a great save by Jamie, a smart dump in by Schuey and a great pass by Jeff.  

In 2017 he won his first of two World Championships in Ocean City with Cecil Harambe.

Every girl that is circled I’ve made out with 4 times

So with tied for the most championships ever won…the only OT goal in Championship Game history and honestly, one of the best teammates you can ever ask for, congrats Ariel. This was long overdue. 

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