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Hall of Fame Inductees: Eric Ramirez

by Glnzr

No one in BTSH history has had a day like Eric Ramirez did on September 27, 2015. We’ll get to that. 

Prior to that day, Eric had a fine career. He made his BTSH debut with the Mighty Squirrels as a “skater” in 2009. He was so awful, the Squirrels decided they couldn’t take watching him play one more second so they disbanded.*  Rachel Greene is no dummy so she made a team called the Butchers and made Eric the goalie. The payoff was immediate as incredibly, they made the semi-finals in back to back seasons (and they were not a ringer team). The Happy Little Elves won the championship in 2010. 

Eric did not get to break the trophy like the Elves did in 2010, but maybe one day…

Eric eventually started dating Ashley and they moved to a studio apartment named Gut Rot on 2014. As we all know…if Gut Rot doesn’t play Fuzz, they generally don’t win. But with Eric in net, that wasn’t always the case. Which brings us to September 26, 2015. Zach and Diane had a party in Brooklyn. While the Mets were busy winning the division that day, Eric was plotting his heel turn.

I really have no shame

Eric was living in Dover Delaware and wanted to go to the NASCAR race down there during the play-in games. So he desperately wanted the buy but since he played for Gut Rot that was highly unlikely. However there was one scenario where it could play out. Gut Rot needed to get one more point than the Hookers…but the Hookers had two games. He told the party, “I really wish I could play against them.” Someone at the party said the Demons were looking for a goalie. Emails were made, and step 1 was accomplished. Sunday morning Eric woke up to a miracle. Fresh Kills also needed a goalie and Soko asked Eric if he could do it. “He sent it at 9:30 saying he had no goalie for the 11:30 a.m. game vs. the Hookers. I literally said “yes” got my gear together and left in about 5 minutes. The stage was set, Eric was going to play 2 games vs. the Hookers, and play his regular scheduled Gut Rot game vs. Mega. 

I reffed the shortened Hookers/FK game (It was 20-minute halves) and couldn’t believe what I saw. With the game 1-0 FK late, FK called a timeout and despite them being 3-time champions, Eric in his only game with the team was telling them how to play. I noticed all eyes on him and was incredibly impressed. It was that moment I realized what a leader this guy was. He completed the shutout and then ruined the Hookers day with a 4-1 win vs. the Demons. Now all he had to do was get a point vs. Mega.

This wasn’t today’s Mega…but the task was still incredibly difficult, as Gut Rot didn’t score. Thankfully for the heel turn, neither did Mega and Eric shut them out. The game went into a shootout where Gut Rot won in the 8th round. In 3 games Eric gave up 1 goal. A more impressive day has not happened in BTSH. Eric happily saw like 10,000 left turns during the play-in games.

The Rehabs took notice of Eric’s play and he went on to win the championship in his very first season. 

The original PBR Cup before LJ lost it

The next year they tried to become the first team to repeat but Fresh Kills beat them 5-4 in one of the most incredible games of all time. 

So congrats Eric…who knows what the future holds as his job may take him away from us, but despite your sudden yet very calculated heel turn, you’re one of the best guys in BTSH. 

*I’m assuming this part as it’s the only logical explanation

Eric and $h0wT!m3 both separately finished top 4 in BTSH GAA

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