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Know Your Neighbor: The Fresh Kills Five

by christo_the_hawk

They sent me this photo…

Ever wonder who all the guys wearing backwards hats and lax pinnies sniping goals from the point are on Fresh Kills? Are they brothers, roommates, or former college hockey teammates? Why won’t they hang out with us after the games?* The BTSH media has launched a brand new Know Your Neighbor investigation to get to the bottom of it.

*Before Russ says anything, they all closed down Doc’s last weekend, solid job boys.

Okay firstly, how do you all know each other?

Answered by Ryan:

George – high school friends, college hockey teammates, college roommates 

Marco – junior hockey teammate / High School friends 

Bron – junior hockey teammate, college teammate / roommate

Louis – college teammate / roommate – went to the same middle school as Gabe, which was our in to BTSH

Now for the important stuff. What is your favorite dive bar brand of beer? (e.g. Coors, Modello) 

Ryan: Molson Canadian

George: PBR 

Marco: Labatts Blue

Bron: Keystone light

Louis: Moosehead

Favorite bar in NYC?

Ryan: LPR (Les Poissons Rouges)

George: The Cantina “T-Bell”

Marco: LPR

Bron: LPR

Louis: Red Lion*

*Editor’s note: this is like the after party bar of LPR so I award you zero points and may god have mercy on your soul.

A question from my co-editor, do you prefer soft shell or hard shell tacos?

Ryan: Soft shell 

George: Soft wrapped in Doritos los Taco’s

Marco: Soft

Bron: Soft shell 

Louis: Hard Shell

What do you like most about BTSH?

Ryan: Competitive nature of league, but camaraderie amongst teams. Also, Winning. 

George: Reading the blog at work

Marco: hockey bringing people together 

Bron: The people and how much respect everyone has towards the league. 

Louis: Being able to play and have fun every Sunday. Impressed by how organized the league is for ball hockey, makes it a lot of fun.

Who would win in a fight, all 5 of you or Gabe?

Ryan: Gabe 

George: Gabe

Marco: Gabe 10x out of 10

Bron: Gabe 

Louis: Gabe’s wife

What number do you typically wear and why?

Ryan: 18 – wore growing up

George: 29/31- backup goalie never gets the first pick

Marco: 6 – was available in college and from Toronto

Bron: 16 – only decent number left to choose from freshman year 

Louis: 30/33 – two numbers I wore growing up

If the 5 of you were stuck on a deserted island, who would

  • make a fire
  • find fresh water
  • -fnd/hunt food
  • curl up in a fetal position and cry
  • die


-make a fire : George 

-find fresh water : Marco 

-find/hunt food : Louis 

-curl up in a fetal position and cry : Bron as well

-die : the weakest person of the group …..

make a fire : Marco

-find fresh water and somehow beers : Bron/Louis

-find/hunt food : George

-curl up in a fetal position and cry : Ryan

-die : Ryan


-make a fire : George 

-find fresh water : Bron

-find/hunt food : Louis 

-curl up in a fetal position and cry : Ryan 

-die : no man left behind 


-make a fire : George 

-find fresh water : marco

-find/hunt food : Louis 

-curl up in a fetal position and cry : bron

-die : Ryan 


-make a fire : Marco 

-find fresh water : Bron 

-find/hunt food : Argi

-curl up in a fetal position and cry : Ryan

-die: Myself

Do you have any hidden talents?

Ryan: Nah, plain guy. 

George: Painting 

Marco: I can cook

Bron: Knowing every movie quote

Louis: Crush a twelve pack in one sitting playing Chel & 12 

If you guys were NSYNC, which member would each person be?


JT – Louis 

LB – Ryan 

CK – Marco

JC – Bron

JF – George 

A hockey-related question to wrap it all up: who’s your favorite hockey player (can be current or when you were growing up).

Ryan: Sidney Crosby

George: Carey Price

Marco: Drew Doughty

Bron: Gabriel Chenard-Poirier

Louis: Patrick Roy

I lied, a BTSH question to wrap it all up. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Ryan: No chance 

George: No 

Marco: save the hardest question for last, I would have to say no

Bron: No

Louis: Do abs on a skinny guys count? Didn’t think so.

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