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Last Around the League: PBR Cup Finals, Media Awards, Hall of Fame Recap

by christo_the_hawk


Semi Finals

Lbs v Fuzz: It was tight until the end of the second half, when Ryann scored the game winner, followed quickly by Jeff and an empty netter for a 3-0 win.

Obligatory *Good Vibes* Campbell photo

Cobra Kai v Karma: A nail biter game, with The Dojo winning with just 1 goal on the day thanks to Sienna, 1-0.


Cobra Kai v Fuzz: A repeat of the 2018 for this year’s finals. The Dojo struck first with an awesome tip in from Russ. Both Tim and Campbell played unreal games. Fuzz came back when all hope seemed lost and by the middle of the 2nd half was up 3-1. A scramble in front of the Fuzz goal came away with a +1 for Cobra Kai and with 6 minutes left, the score was 3-2. With plenty of chances, CK wasn’t going to give up and was relentless. They pulled their goalie and Fuzz capitalized, with an empty net goal from Jeff to seal the game 4-2, and cement Fuzz as 3-peat PBR Cup Champions.

“Booo Fuzz” – everyone, probably

Schlitz Finals

The Sky Fighters forfeited due to lack of participation cementing THE DARK RAINBOWS as your Schlitz Cup Champions.

guys, we did it!!!! we’re the biggest losers!!!!

Media Awards

In case you missed it, here’s who won.

Rookie of the Year: Abby (karma), Louis-Phillippe (fresh kills)

Captain of the Year: Emily and Greg (Sky fighters)

Best Defense: Andrea (fuzz) Ryan (fuzz)

Goalie of the year: Casca (cobra kai)

Most Underrated: Jake (sky fighters), Jaimie (rotten math)

Best Duo: Gabe and his 5 French Canadiens (fresh kills)

Sweetest Disposition: Ramy (rehabs)

Snark, Style, and Finesse: Erica (Hookers)

Upset of the Year: Biters in their 3-0 win over Rehabs r1 of playoffs

Least Improved: Courtney (mega)

Russ Hamilton Heel Move of the Year: Annie (What the Puck)

Tia L Cinematic Moment of the year: Sarah M and Caroline (Biters)

Time Hogg Award for Volunteering: Hogg (What the puck)

Hall of Fame Inductees

Rich, not making it about himself for once

Eric (rehabs)

Dianne (gut rot)

Sarah (rotten math)

Ariel (fresh kills)

Thank you all for an amazing season! BTSH could not function without the people who put their time and effort into this league. See you all next year!

xoxo christo & Dingle

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