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Name That BTSH Baby pt 2

by cristo_the_hawk

More #surprisecontent ahead of father’s day weekend. Thanks to everyone who participated (and those whose partners sent their photos in possibly against their will)! Answers are at the bottom.

  1. Team: Riots

2. Team: LBS

3. Team: WTP

hint: 3 & 2 are partners

4. Team: WTP

i hope you’re more hygienic now, for cat’s sake

5. Team: Sky Fighters

she’s saying ‘you’re not scoring with me on defense!!!’

6. Team: Fresh Kills

7 & 8. Team(s): Vertz, Hookers

9. Team: Gremlins

we get it, you’re an 80’s baby with a lunchbox like that. PS it’s giving ‘My Girl’ vibes

10. Team: free agent, (hint: formerly WTP)

11. Team: Karma

“I was on a Putnam County baby magazine cover” …sure Jan

ANSWERS: 1) Margot 2) Roberts 3) Emily 4) Henry 5) Carley

6) Gabe 7/8) Sarah & Cheeky 9) Walker 10) Annie 11) AK

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