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Playoffs Previews: Play In Games

by cristo_the_hawk

This is a weird week for play-in games. Many of these teams are finding themselves in the bottom 8 for the first time ever (HI VERTZ), and some of them are used to battling it out and then ultimately having fun in the Schlitz Cup.*

*The Schlitz Cup is an historic tournament run by Isaac and Walker for the 4 teams who lose the play-in round and the 4 teams who lose the first round of playoffs. The 8 teams must be in d4 or d3 to keep things fun and LIGHT.

Gremlins v WTP

This will probably be the most exciting game of the day. The Gremlins aren’t going to just roll over for WTP but at the same time, if they can’t convince Erich to come back from his idyllic upstate life this might be a more painful game.

Prediction: WTP 4-0.

Agents v Filthier

Even though Filthier lost to the Biters 10-3 last weekend, the level of hockey was still good. They have some dangerous players and unfortunately for the Agents – who only have 9 eligible players for this game due to an attendance miscommunication mishap- it’s not looking good.

Prediction: Filthier 7-0. 

Bad Seeds v Vertz

Another game that feels like it shouldn’t be happening, but with random rainouts and strength of schedule for other teams, the Vertz have found themselves down here with us plebs. I do think The Seeds are favorites for the Schlitz cup though!!

Prediction: Vertz 5-1. 

Butchers v Hookers

Again, shocked The Hookers are even in this situation but it won’t necessarily be a slaughterhouse for the knife pigs – The Butchers defense and goaltending is incredibly solid. Still, the Hookers have acquired some talent this year and having Danillo is just a total cheat code. 

Prediction: Hookers 6-1.

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