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Rock The Vote!

written by JW

Every year the BTSH Media works incredibly hard and writes a bunch of forgettable articles and previews (we literally forgot about several of them, until some brave soul went digging) that 7% of the league reads and 1.5% of the league enjoys. 

The time of year has come again for you, the BTSH voting public, to decide who you feel deserves the coveted Clavvy Award this year (https://www.btsh.org/bruise/announcing-the-byron-clavicle-blue-ribbon-endowment-for-superlative-quality-in-long-form-hockey-oriented-journalistic-endeavors/), as well as who wrote the best previews of the year. 

As always, the winner will get beer or yoo-hoo from the great Dr. Clavicle himself. 

You thought this was Greenwald too, didn’t you?

Additionally, on this same form you can vote for your 3 Stars of the Season (these don’t have to be hockey-related) as well as the player voted most valuable to his or her team (this IS hockey-related). 

You can only vote once (this in accordance with BTSH’s Rule #1), but on the bright side you can rest assured that the electoral college will not ruin this vote for you. 

So, without further ado, have at it:


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