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Three Stars of Championship Weekend

Glanzer is doing HOF write ups so you are all getting robbed of his style of stars, if that’s something you’re into.

There are really so many players who could be named today from all of the teams who competed but here we go.

Third Star: Ryann and Sienna

Thank god Rich isn’t doing these because he’d never give a star to a woman, let alone 2 but Ryann and Sienna each scored the game winners in their hard fought semi-final games.

Second Star: Russ and Malik

Both these guys scored amazing tip-in goals. Russ struck first and put the crowd in a frenzy but Malik’s goal arguably cemented in the win for Fuzz.

First Star: Tim Brown

Tim played out of his mind in the Fuzz v Lbs game for a shut out. Fuzz could have easily lost this game if it wasn’t for him preventing the Lbs from gaining any momentum and of course held the constantly attacking Dojo at bay.

I had to dig deep in the archives for this ‘photo’ of Tim. Leaving the caption in felt right.

Honorable Mentions

Hogg- for laying down the law on Rich during the finals

Hilary- For those who didn’t see the game, Hilary played amazing. Multiple plays she put her body on the line and had great step ups to the ball, solidifying the Lbs already stellar defense.

Campbell, Zisser, Friedman- these goalies are all worth their weight in gold to their teams and they certainly proved that on Sunday keeping all the games incredibly close

Liam, Tom, Will, LJ- these 4 were constantly in the mix, making defensive plays or generating offensive chances

Walsh- The most beloved old schooler on Fuzz (obligatory: suck it, Glanzer), Walsh had 3 assists on the day. It’s funny that he works an incredibly high pressure job and yet was more nervous for these playoff games. Hats off to Walsh.

Rich’s contribution to this article

And of course, everyone who stayed or showed up to make the awards fun and bring the BTSH spirit we all love

Rich is gonna hate how I ended stars. See you next year!

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