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Week 1 Recap!

The 8 things EVERYONE is talking in BTSH is talking about after week 1:

1.      Since Ole Rusty, who everyone is saying was the most successful, best looking, and Loved Commissioner in league history has stepped down, Shootings in Tompkins square park have gone up 200% and Earthquakes are up 100%. Some are asking if Abysmal Amanda and Corrupt Courtney can take care of the people?

2.      Did Probert trick his “friends” into joining the Biters just to leave them high and dry every Sunday? What the over under on games made for Mr. Bachelor party?  It’s got to be low.

3.      There was lots of talk about if The Revolution is the worst team name in league history? Wait… it’s not The Revolution? They are calling themselves the “The Renaissance?!?!? Okay debate over yes, it is the worst possible team name ever. The only real question is does this reflect on Abysmal Amanda and Corrupt Courtney’s leadership? Probably is the feeling I get… However, Tarnow should be shamed and blamed as well…

4.      Did Abysmal Amanda and Corrupt Courtney screw up by having the premier goalie matchup of the season in game 1? Sonjia vs. Campbell was great. It’s a shame leadership didn’t have the forethought to feature and promote this match up…

5.      Did Gabe wear too much Green on Sunday?  What did he think it was St. Patrick’s day? People were calling him the French leprechaun. Honestly, the Fashion choices took away from a good start to MEGA’s season. You have to wonder if Abysmal Amanda and Corrupt Courtney dressed the guy SMH…

6.      Walker would never tell you this, but he was plus two with zero minuses.

7.      Jack from Jack Global looked very foolish on Sunday when seemed to have little understanding of the flavor offerings of Kettle Brand Chips. Maybe not a big deal but certainly not a good look for a guy who will tell you what to order at every bodega in the city

8.      Abysmal Amanda and Corrupt Courtney were Abysmal and Corrupt. 

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