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Week 11 Previews

by christo_the_hawk

It’s been a long, shortened season but we finally made it. The last regular season games are being played this weekend! In honor of the last write ups of the year I’m going to finally do what I’ve asked everyone all season long…TWO SENTENCE PREVIEWS.

Filthier vs Lbs

We’re kicking things off nice and early at noon with a shifty Lbs rain fears game. I say shifty because Filthy was up 1-0 and a light drizzle occurred, prompting Frey to pull a Rubens and call the whole thing off. 

Prediction: Shifty Shades of Frey and the Lbs win 3-1.

Fun fact: Frey is responsible for most MLM scams in the US, you can tell by the look on his face here

Filthier v Ankle Biters

Unfortunately the L train has left the station and is picking up speed for Filthier. A well rested Biter’s squad (just kidding, they partied until 4am last week when they had a bye) will come out hard.

Prediction: Biters win 4-0.

Lbs vs Hookers

Kelsey might finally be back from galavanting around in the South of France but regardless if the Lbs are missing her defensive prowess they’ve got all the offensive firepower they need to take down the Hookers, who have put up a disappointing total of 16 goals this year.

Prediction: Lbs win 4-1.

Demons vs Sky Fighters

The Demons are coming off a tough 1 goal loss to the Gremlins and will come out hard. The Sky Fighters, despite losing to Fresh Kills last week are still top contenders and arguably the best team in the 4th division while the Demons are arguably the worst in the 3rd division.

Prediction: If Sky Fighters have their full squad they’ll win, 5-2. 

Fuzz vs Cobra Kai

This could have been the game of the day were it not for Poutine vs Karma. Always a decent head-to-head in terms of scoring ability and goaltending ability, this is a tough call; even with Campbell out with covid Casca can hold it down in net. Fuzz has been unstoppable since their first game of the season, but Cobra Kai’s only 2 losses have been to 1st division teams.

Prediction: The dojo can’t crack the 1st division code. Fuzz wins 2-1.

An alternate prediction

What the Puck vs Rehabs

Another tough matchup, another good all around team (WTP) punching above their weight. The Rehabs have been on a winning streak and Hicks is actually starting to back check. Tarnow and Henry are both nursing hamstring injuries, leaving WTP without a couple of their top players.

Prediction: 4-0 Rehabs.

Rainbows vs Riots

Rich has predicted a Rainbows loss in this matchup all season long. And I’ll be the first to say you can’t underestimate the Riots, especially if they score first. HOWEVER I think the Bows have the right combo of people coming this weekend to leave it all on the court.

Prediction: 5-1 Rainbows

Mega vs Gremlins

Similar teams, similar gritty playing styles. This will be another great game to watch but ultimately I think Mega will pull away. They’re another top 4th division team with a penchant for scoring facing off against a 3rd division team with a scoring problem.

Prediction: Mega wins 4-2.

Karma vs Poutine

Theee prime time slot. Austin vs Jack. Roomie vs roomie. Sully is away and rumor has it Mikey and Russo are on defense which, when the latter was informed said, “what world are we living in?!”  (overheard on the bleachers at d5). Karma won last time by 1 goal, but this may have only incensed a prideful poo crew. It’s a tough call because those cocky mother fuckers* make it hard to root for them, even if it’s sometimes justified.

Prediction: 2-2 OT, Poutine nets the game winner. 

*I purposely didn’t say which team here. Draw your own conclusions.

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