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Week 17 Previews

The Weekly Previews,

are in Haiku form because

we have writer’s block.

Fresh Kills v Mega

Fresh air gives us life

In the megalopolis,

and kills steel by touch. (FK wins 4-2)

Agents v Karma


I don’t know how to

write a haiku but I do

know Karma will win.

Wine tastes great with age

Gents! Don’t drink drive your car—mark

a Lyft when you win. (Karma takes the W)

Sky Fighters v What the Puck

What is the blue sky?

The match involves the fighters—

Puck surely must win. (SF wins in OT, 2-1)

Demons v Fuzz

Denim beasts won’t lose

If the ball of lint crumbles

Since its house will, too. (Fuzz wins 5-1)

Hookers v Rainbows

Dark sage at the core

Leers pensively at the rain

Bows to vi’let tho(ugh)ts. (Hookers win by SO, 3-2)

Butchers v Cobra Kai

Knife-pigs and the snakes

This could be a pig bloodbath

Let’s hope Brady scores

Prediction: The Dojo takes the win 4-0.

Riots v Filthier

Organized riots

are not at all filthier

than Tompkins’ bathrooms. (Filthier wins 3-1)

Biters v Poutine

An old French grandma,

Once bit me on my ankle.

We are now lovers.

Poutine, 2-1

Gremlins v Lbs

This jersey matchup,

Reminds me of corn kernels. 

Let’s get it poppin’

Lbs, 6-1

Already dead meme

Gremlins will score zero goals

Cover Alex May

Lbs. 8-0

Seeds v Vertz

Swirling wind diverts

Good and bad seeds to rich soil,

Which needs to be hot. (Vertz wins 3-1)

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