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Week 4 Game Previews!

Much like many other humans will be…..the Media has been replaced by ChatGPT.

An anonymous BTSHer generated these previews using ChatGPT, and sent them to the (former?) Media. (No, it was not me who made these. I am too old to even know what ChatGPT is.) In fact, I have not even read them yet, so hopefully there is nothing offensive in them.

So, without further ado, let’s see what our future robot overlords came up with…

Mega Touch vs. Butchers

Mega Touch wins 5-3. “Mega Touch always reminds me of that time I got a mega donut from Lard Lad. It was so big I couldn’t finish it, just like how Butchers won’t be able to finish off Mega Touch in this match.”

The Bad Seeds vs. Sky Fighters

Sky Fighters win 6-2. “I have a feeling that the Sky Fighters are going to be soaring high after this game, just like that time I flew on a homemade glider with Bart. The Bad Seeds are going to need more than just good intentions to win this one.”

Instant Karma vs. Vertz

Vertz win 4-2. “Instant Karma sounds like the name of a great candy bar, but it won’t taste as sweet when they lose to Vertz. Just like how it didn’t taste as sweet when I ate that spicy chili pepper in Springfield.”

Fresh Kills vs. Filthier

Fresh Kills win 5-4. “Fresh Kills always reminds me of the time I tried to clean the garage, but ended up making a bigger mess. Hopefully, they can keep their act together on the rink and beat Filthier by a goal.”

Poutine Machine vs. Lbs

Lbs win 3-2. “Poutine Machine sounds like something that would be served at Krusty Burger, but it won’t be enough to satisfy Lbs. Just like how I always think I can eat a whole pizza by myself, but end up sharing it with Marge.”

Riots vs. Demons

Denim Demons win 7-5. “Riots always reminds me of the time I caused a riot at the power plant, but the Denim Demons are going to cause their own kind of riot on the rink. It’s going to be a close one, but the Demons will come out on top.”

Dark Rainbows vs. Gremlins

Dark Rainbows win 6-3. “Dark Rainbows always reminds me of that time Lisa’s imaginary friend was a rainbow. But the Gremlins are going to be more than just imaginary opponents. Dark Rainbows will win by a few goals.”

Cobra Kai vs. Corlears Hookers

Cobra Kai wins 4-3. “Cobra Kai sounds like a really cool karate dojo, but it’s actually a team playing hockey. They’ll sweep the leg of Corlears Hookers and win by a goal. Just like how I learned to sweep the floor after Marge yelled at me.”

Fuzz vs. Anklebiters

Fuzz wins 5-1. “Fuzz reminds me of that time I tried to grow a beard, but it just ended up being a little patchy. The Gouging Anklebiters are going to feel a little patchy too after Fuzz beats them by four goals.”

The Agents vs. What the Puck

The Agents win 3-2. “What the Puck is a great phrase that I’m definitely going to use more often. But it won’t be enough for them to beat The Agents. It’s going to be a close game, but The Agents will come out on top.”

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