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Week 4 Previews

By Glnzr

And we’re back!! This week’s dank-ass, memed-out previews are brought to you by Glnzr. Glnzr would also like to let the good people of BTSH know that two of the below memes are not his. And I would like the good people of BTSH to know Glnzr had to Google “Popular Memes”. Without further ado…Glnzr’s Memes.

Hookers at Cobra Kai

Prediction: Cobra Kai, 5-2

Lbs. at Rehabs

Prediction: Rehabs, 3-2 (OT)

Riots at Poutine Machine

Prediction: Poutine, 6-0. Jack debates on playing in goal but stays on the court.

Filthier at Fresh Kills

Prediction: Fresh Kills, 5-0 (4-1 if Ann didn’t leave yet) 

Instant Karma at Mega Touch 

Prediction: Instant Karma, 5-3

Dark Rainbows at Skyfighters

Prediction: Skyfighters, 4-1

Gremlins at Fuzz

Prediction: Gremlins, 5-4. Walker -4

Anklebiters at Rotten Math

Prediction, Anklebiters 5-0

WTP at Butchers

Prediction: WTP, 2-1 OT. Mass confusion.

Instant Karma at Demons

Prediction: Demons, 5-3

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