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Week 10 Previews

by Glnzr and Frey

Filther at LBS

Rich: Filthier comes into this game with a 1-0 lead and only a half to go. But this isn’t about Lbs. vs. Filthier. This is about history. Roman T. can become the only player in league history (Yes, Hogg…that I know of) to score for both teams in the same game. He scored for Filthier many months ago before Rain Fears came. Now he’s going to sub for Lbs. He also holds the record for most inappropriate Best Man Speech but that story is for another day.  Prediction: Roman disappoints history and doesn’t score, but takes many penalties en route to a 3-1 victory for Lbs. 

Alex: I may be biased but I feel good about this one.  Avery’s back from injury, Karsten’s back from self-imposed exile, we’ve got like 3-4 FAs subbing in as per usual…as long as Tim K doesn’t take steroids that morning (keep him the hell away from Hicks) and we can avoid rain fears (which only happen on Tuesdays and never on Sundays anyway), I’ll go 3-2 LBS.  Well worth the t-shirt I will probably never see again.

LBS at Hookers

Rich: With Luke and Avery undoubtedly at this game…along with Roman of course, this is going to be a bloodbath. 7-0 Lbs. As Rick Patino would say, “Jason Eital, Joshua Sadlier-Brown, Tiffany, Dustin Olsen aren’t walking through Tompkins gates.”

Alex: If you have inside information about Luke playing this week, please do share.  All I know is he survived an early season deportation scare only to have to work every Sunday since.  I’m still happy to have him in the country but it’d be great if we could get him to Tompkins.  I don’t have any quotes by legendary, misspelled college basketball coaches to share but I do think 7-0 is a little aggressive.  I’ll say 5-3 LBS.

Rich: 7-0 was just a dig at Shaun. I’ll go with 4-2 for real. Also, I butchered Jason “Eital” worse than Coach Rick.

Fuzz at Cobra Kai

Rich: Sig guaranteed Cobra Kai would not only win this game, but every game the rest of the way. I know you want this game. You know we want this game. But we both know this isn’t the game we both really want.  Fuzz 3-2.

Rich and Sig during happier times

Alex: No idea who’s showing up for either squad but this should be a fun game regardless and my personal pick for game of the week since I know Karma is missing a ton of players.  I think Fuzz is the better team but Cobra Kai will want this game more. I’ll take the +110 on Cobra Kai and say they pull the upset 4-2.

Rich: I’ll give you 7 to win 6 if you’re up for it. 

Alex: Said I would take +110 and you immediately offer me +117. You are either the worst negotiator or the worst mathematician in history (possibly both).  In any case, you have yourself a bet.

How Rich does math

Rainbows at Riots:

Rich: I predicted in the Power Rankings that the Riots would win this game. I stand by it. Riots 3-2.

Alex: I do not stand by it.  Rainbows 5-2.

Filthier at Anklebiters:

Rich: When I did the Power Rankings I debated who to put in front of who. Filthier is much better defensively but the Anklebiters are better offensively. Both have good goalies who like me but will never admit it. I get why Craig won’t, he’d get kicked off. I see a bad day at the office for Filthier. 2-1 Anklebiters.

Alex: Assuming LBS beat Filthier in the early game, which was our earlier prediction, then I think Filthy is going to be pissed in this one and find a way to eke out a win.  2-1 Filthy.

Rich: Ahhhh young Alex. You claim to have BJJ skills but any good Sensei worth their Gi will tell you that fighting angry is fighting bad. 

Alex: You’ve clearly never been on worldstarhiphop.com.

Demons at Sky Fighters:

Rich: There was this guy Spicer at this camp I worked at. Everyone loved Spicer. I didn’t. I told my friend Demetri what a jerk Spicer was. Demetri wouldn’t hear of it. 2 years later Spicer got fired and Demetri begrudgingly told me I was right. In other words, Spicer was a jerk and I was the only one who saw it. 

Demons 3-1

Alex: Sky Fighters lost to Poutine last week but it was a tight one goal game until Poutine pulled away at the end.  Despite a 6-2 record they are still being slept on by the betting public because they’re in the bottom division.  Like I said the last time I foolishly agreed to write previews, this team has more good players than you think, many of them raided from the ranks of Tuesday night flip cup: Jake, Mo, Westley, Carley, bloodthirsty Riegler, fantasy guru Rys, pushup guru Emily…I’m not saying they’re a title contender, but they should definitely be favored in this game.  5-3 Sky.

WTP at Rehabs:

Rich: Rehabs are rolling but I can’t believe Larry is back for WTP. I am curious how this happened. Maybe Alex May will come back for the Habs. I miss that guy…though not enough to hope he comes back. They won’t need him this game. 3-1 Rehabs.

Alex: No idea who Larry is but I don’t think it matters.  Rehabs are playing well and they are likely to be rolling 3, if not 4 lines in this one.  4-3 Rehabs.  Sorry Larry.

Gremlins at Mega

Rich: Sorry guys, I don’t know what happened, but when I cut and pasted the sched into the google mix, your game wasn’t there. This is an interesting game. The Gremlins are traditionally better. They made the final4 in 2019. But as we chronicled, things haven’t broke right for the Gremmies this year. Meanwhile, Mega has thrived. They have underrated male talent that no one ever talks about. I’m so sick and tired of men not being respected in this league. It’s so unfair.

Jess: Gonna ignore the rampant sexism in the last line but yeah Mega’s dudes do not get talked about probably because their ladies are so friggin’ sick. I want the Gremlins to win this one, I really do but I think Mega is going to prevail by the skin of their teeth.

Prediction: Mega 4-3.


Karma at Poutine

Rich: I’m very excited for this matchup. Someone (not on Poutine) texted me and complained that Karma was ranked too high. They didn’t think Karma was that good. I disagree. This isn’t me being nice. But I’ve seen Derek/Austin dominate great players in tournies. Their secondary players know their job. Their girls are probably a top 3-5 unit. While Friedman is amazing at emails, he’s also good in net and the team rallies around him, much like he rallies around the team.

Meanwhile, Poutine should have a better history than they do. Losing SBJ hurts, but is it a killer? They know how to win regular season games but surprisingly haven’t put together a postseason run yet. They have difficulty scoring but I think Sully’s newfound cardio and Jack’s clapper gives them a legit chance to beat anyone…maybe not Fresh Kills. I hate that matchup for them.

Prediction: This is a big moment for Karma. With a win, they announce themselves as title contenders. With a loss…maybe the person who texted me was right. This isn’t as big a game for Poutine. We sorta know who they are. I see a great 3-2 game…with Poutine coming out on top.

Alex: Last time these teams met it was basically a playoff game in midseason.  This time, however, Karma will be feeling the pain with no Derek, no Sleigh, no Braun, no Stabel and who knows who else.  By the way is it sleigh, slay, sleh or some other awesome spelling I’m not yet privy to?  Regardless, on the other side of the ledger Poutine will be without Russo, Charlotte and Solgon but should still have enough firepower to take down a depleted Karma roster.  3-1 Poutine.

Rich: Karma is still good without those guys but I’ll agree with you, 3-1 Poutine. Glad we can end this on a high note. 

Alex: Sleigh is a woman.

Poutine and Karma during better, sexier times.  Also a word of advice: if you ever spend $120 on an inflatable pool, do not put Austin in charge of inflating it.

Rich: Wait, Jack has a Jordan 45 jersey? Back to tadpole for him. 

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