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2021 BTSH Awards: Nominees

It’s that time of year again folks. For us to place down the nominees and slowly…back away. To shed some light on the process: we send out an anonymous form to all the captains to submit who they think deserves a nomination (on their team or not); we select the nominees with the most mentions. If a category is lacking clear-cut nominees, we supplement with worthy players. Then, an esteemed panel of media experts gather to discuss (and create some new award categories of our own). And remember, if you get upset about any of this….this is a beer intramural sports league so maybe re-evaluate your life choices. Without further ado, BTSH 2021 Media Award Nominees

Oh yeah one more thing, all awards and Hall of Fame inductees will be announced at a brief gathering at the courts after the finals!

Rookie of the Year: Female

Self explanatory, with a short season it’s been even harder for rookies to make their mark…so it’s all the more impressive when other teams take notice. ROTY, in true BTSH spirit, is not always given to the clear cut best player. It’s often given to someone who also prioritizes making friends across the league and trying to improve it.

Emily, Rehabs

Abby, Karma

Ellexa, Biters

Lily, Fresh Kills

Rookie of the Year: Male

It pains me I even have to say this but no, you cannot nominate “all 5 of the french canadian guys on fresh kills”. But you CAN nominate “the fresh kills guy with the fancy name”

I am interpreting the fancy name as Louis-Phillippe (no offense, George) on Fresh Kills

Jeff O, Demons

Sam F, Lbs

Austin, Karma

Here we have AK, Jeff and last year’s ROTY Jack all in one photo

Phil D. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (Captain of The Year)

Emily and Greg, Sky Fighters

Jess and Cat, Rainbows*

Isaac, Karma

Julie, Mega

*Editor’s note: we really did get nominated several times, even though it may have been out of pity. (we won’t be formally considered due to the both of us, ya know, being on the media)

Julie, you’re welcome for not using *that* photo of you Rich loves using

Best Defense: Female

Sarah H, Rotten Math

Tash, Mega

Margot, Riots

Andrea, Fuzz

Best Defense: Male

Ryan H, Fuzz

Frey, Lbs

Eric T, Rainbows

Jon C, Poutine

Craig ‘Kentucky Wristwatch’ Lacombe Award – for flamboyance and extraordinary feats in goaltending

My favorite submission was “kills me, but Friedman”

Friedman, Karma

Cam, FA

Dicky, Poutine

Casca, Cobra Kai

‘Deal with it’

Most Underrated: Female

Hillary, Lbs

Rachel L, Cobra Kai

Brianna, Karma

Jaimie, Rotten Math

Most Underrated: Male

Jake K, Sky Fighters

Nate, Mega Touch

Alex Morin, Poutine

Wes, Rainbows

Derek and Eli Award for Best Duo

Derek and Austin (Karma)

Gabe and his 5 French Canadien Fresh Boys (Fresh Kills)

Friedman and Emailing the Media (Karma)

Claire and Susie (What the Puck)

Tracy M. Award for the Player with the Sweetest Disposition

Mikayla (Lbs)

Ramy (Rehabs)

Shannon (Biters)

Akhil (Butchers)

Rachel Greene Award for Snark, Style, and Finesse 

Nico (Poutine)

Erica (Hookers)

Tim K (Filthier)

Jerome (Poutine)

Upset of the Year

Biters 3-0 win over Rehabs in r1 of playoffs

Lbs vengeance shoot out win over Fuzz in week 1*

*this is more so upsetting…to Rich…because Annie, his nemesis, scored it

Sky Fighters over Hookers 4-3 in week 6

Hookers over Rehabs 4-1 in week 2

Least Improved

This should be self explanatory but it’s usually *Larry David Voice* pretty, pretty good players who are so good there’s no hope of them improving (and if they do, god help us all).

Kelsey (Lbs)

Courtney (Mega)

Erich G (Gremlins)

Yetter (Cobra Kai)

Russell Hamilton Heel Move of the Year

A new category put forth by Rich, these are moments that aren’t exactly evil but we will gladly give everyone shit for this all season long.

Annie (WTP) for scoring for every team but her own

Russ (Cobra Kai) for poaching Yetter 3 days before the season began

Everyone (BTSH) using the excuse their Canadian teammates were ‘stuck in Canada’ for exemptions

Frey (Lbs) letting Annie shoot over actual Lbs women in the shootout winner vs Fuzz

Tia L. Cinematic Moment of the Year

These are moments that make our league special and different than any other league in the country, according to Rich. Aptly named after Tia, who is always capturing amazing moments at the courts on camera.

Sarah M and Caroline each scoring a hat trick in the same game (Biters)

Mega Touch coming in 5th place overall

The random Free Agent team (Pork Dumplings) winning the 3v3 tournament

Campbell (Cobra Kai) knocking over 2 white claws, chugging them, and scoring the game winning goal in the All Star Game

The award for Gratuitous Volunteering and Keeping the League from Becoming a Sinking Ship

-Hogg (WTP) for reffing, cleaning, ref managing

-Sarah H (Rotten Math) she cleans the courts A LOT rain or shine

-Alexa (Fuzz) for tirelessly scheduling all the refs

-Isaac (Karma) for running the media for like…7 years

That’s all, folks! See you at the courts!

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