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Around the League: All Star Day Competitions

by Jess

A stellar crew


Free Agent Team Pork Dumplings- or is it dumblings @jack- took home the Big Check in a come from behind (pause) victory after the Frey Sex team thought they were gonna big dick around the courts all day long.

LFG Pork Dumps!!!

Hardest Shot

Gabe: 94mph

Cherie: 89mph

HM for men under 5 ft 10″ (sorry Louis): Jack 88 mph

Second HM: Rich for actually asking his boss if he could borrow a $5,000 police radar gun. OUR TAXES PAY FOR THAT!!!

All Star Game 2021

They call him ‘3 sips Rich’

The d1/d4 vs d3/d2 game was heated with back and forth goals, land mine beers and white claws, and a set of 10 cross fit certified push ups. The goalies (Friedman and Cam) were on fire. The refs (myself and Lee) were adequate. The 3-3 contest went to OT and Campbell, who had to chug 2 white claws in a row, ended up scoring the GWG for d2/d3. Congrats to everyone who showed up and made it fun!

Campbell’s 2nd claw

Overall it was a super fun day, thanks to everyone for coming out. Props to the people who helped set up and clean up (Walker, Russo, Jeff, Campbell, Dana, Sarah, Brian and more) and thanks to Jack and Cheeky for organizing. See you all at playoffs!!!

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