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Week 7 – 3 Stars

It’s been a while since the last three stars, but after Sunday, there were so many worthy candidates to choose from. let’s begin…

Honorable Mention

while worthy, this did not crack the top 3…

Larry from Mega Touch on his assist. Normally assists don’t merit a star, but Larry’s been around forever, and sometimes we at the media, enjoy throwing players a bone.


Larry from Mega Touch, on his first goal of the season. About time, Larry.


Larry from Mega Touch, on his second goal of the season. Second goal, second star.

and the FIRST STAR goes to…

Larry form Mega Touch on his hat trick. Did you read that correctly? Hell yea, you did. Larry had a hat trick!!!!???

Congrats to all the Stars.

-Completely impartial and anonymous BTSH beat reporter.

PS: Honorable Mention goes to McCauley from WTP who had 4 Goals.

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