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Week 12: Play-in Games

By Dingle McCringle

Ooooo, it’s the best time of the year. Crisp fall air, the leaves changing colors, warm apple cider, and most importantly BTSH PLAYOFFS!!!

But before the grand kit and kaboodle, there are three very meaningful games being played this Sunday to see who could do their best impression of the 2020 MTL Canadiens, and not just sneak into the big show, but possibly win the whole thing.

(Narrator: The Canadiens very much did not win the whole thing. #’Merica)

Here we go…

Riots vs. Rainbows

Riot in Serbia as crowd protests COVID-19 restrictions
File:Rainbow-diagram-ROYGBIV.svg - Wikimedia Commons

If you want an underdog story, look no further than the Riots. After a tumultuous regular season, a win against the Rainbows would be HUGE!! The Rainbows will have to stay sharp to avoid the ol’ Sleeper Game. With attendance issues sure to plague most teams this fall, now might be the best time to strike for the Riots

Prediction: Rainbows win a closer than expected one, 5-3

Rotten Math vs. Hookers

2+2 equals 5 by anubis9 on DeviantArt
Hookers: Candid Confessions of Real Call Girls: Davies, Julian:  9781903854785: Amazon.com: Books

After last season’s success (2019 feels forever ago) who would’ve thought the Hookers would be fighting for their life in a play-in game. In a similar setup to the Riots/’Bows game, if Rotten Math are in it for most of the game, maybe Hookers get in their own heads a bit. Maybe we see a tie game with only minutes to spare. Maybe I should stop talking in hypotheticals and we should play the damn thing.

Prediction: Hookers win easy, 4-1, and Rotten Math start thinking of a better name for next season.

Butchers vs. Gremlins

Inside New York City's Best Butcher Shops - Gear Patrol
Gremlins 2: The New Batch Ultimate Greta Figure

A true toss-up game. They were close in the standings for the whole season, but… not a lot of points between the two sides. But I digress!! The Gremlins have played a lot of one and two goal games this year, and based on their season, if they can net three, they’re in pretty good shape. The Butchers, on the other hand, are coming off their best offensive game of the season potting four against Fuzz.

Prediction: Butchers win a tight one, 2-1, with a controversial “was his/her foot in the crease?” goal being the difference maker.

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